BT to bring call centres back to the UK

Beachy Head: Where many call centre workers dream of ending their lives

BT have long been chided for having their call centres overseas. As such, they've been going on a charm offensive with everyone by bringing them back to the shores of the UK.

The Reg report that all support for BT's business broadband customers should be back in the UK by next May.

Of course, BT isn't promising to bring all their support functions back to the UK, but it is aiming to bring back as many as 2,750 jobs back to Britain.

A BT spokesperson said:

"BT will continue to focus on meeting our customer needs with a balanced resourcing policy. This has meant we have less of a reliance on India than we once did but continue to deliver Technical Help and some specialist services from India.

"Our primary goal remains delivery of No1 for Customer Services whether from UK or India."

Over in India, this will be further bad news as their call centre market has been feeling the heat from cheaper competitors in Africa and Asia.

Still, all this is nothing compared to those utterly, utterly dismal advertisements that feature Kris Marshall are they? Why don't they offshore him? Preferably with some concrete boots in the middle of some particularly turbulent ocean with man-eating things swimming around in it.


  • Nobby
    But while they are physically located in the UK, they will still be full of Indian and Polish people willing to work for the minimum wage.
  • BT B.
    Clearly a good move for BT, Other companies should follow suite. So their will be a chance when calling BT in the future you get to speak to someone who speaks proper English.
  • Grammar N.
    This is the usual political correctness getting in the way of clarity. We don't care where the call centre is located. What we care about is the fact that people actually speak bloody English!
  • PaulH
    ...So Ingurland then?
  • The B.
    I though they were ditching Mr Marshall in the very near future?
  • M00bs
    I have horrendous issues with BT broadband support in India, to the point that I now refuse to ring them. I instead use the e-mail support from the BT forum team who seem to be located in NI. That said, if you want to ring them you can't as you have to go through India and the bloody scripts!!! As said, so long as they speak English correctly I don't care who I speak to but I need to be able to understand them and they need to understand me, perfectly.....
  • h
    BT Bob Whilst I would like to agree I very doubt many of the staff will be speaking proper English. For starters the call centres will be full of illiterate English people and to make matters worse the majority will be Polish or Indian.
  • I`m m.
    @ Nobby Yes; you are probably right. Because the jobs BT will be bringing back will be all unsociable hours. Unionised "british" workers dont want to work these jobs. Unlike the "Indian and Polish" who more readily reconcile that any job is better than none. **...waits for the Union to oppose the re-shoring of jobs **
  • Geordie B.
    Wye aye ha gan ah help yee the'da? is thor a problem wi' yor broadband?
  • Irish B.
    Top o' the marnin ter yer 'oy can oi 'elp yer the-day? is dare a problem wi' yisser broadban'?
  • Scottish B.
    Guid day hoo can Ah help ye the-day? is thaur a problem wi' yer broadbain?
  • The b.
    ^ that everyday English isn't the way that David Cameroon speaks. I dont understand a friggin word when talking to scottish power reps.
  • Scouse B.
  • Scouse B.
    (no answer, he's gone out nicking)
  • Brummie B.
    Good MoreninG, how can oi help yaw to-die? Is there a proberlum with yaw broaredband?
  • zax
    You all got it wrong. This is how an original Indian sounds like : Guid moaning sur, hu kaan aye helip yo towday? Ayesh thar a poublem wish yo oar budban
  • zax
    Competition from Africa? ROFL. I would prefer talking to an Indian call centre guy rather than a Nigerian call centre guy!
  • me
    They are offering £6.50 per hour, not minimum wage. Barely
  • Ten B.
    [...] BT to bring call centres back to the UK [...]
  • pau t.
    Really needed to speak to someone english today ,and if i don,t get the advice i,m seeking i may just cancel my upgrade and keep the same phone provider ,it was like speaking to a clueless robot .
  • Jackie
    AT least the Indians are helpful and polite which is more than I can say for some of the Brits! (I am British by the way)
  • Caroline
    I can't believe I'm on the phone to BT in India and the lady can't understand my problem. It's a British company!!! What part of get a manager to call me back did she not understand? I'm on bloody hold again. We should have gone with sky and they've got bad customer service but no where near the problems we are having with BT. After being on hold for 15 minutes they have hung up on me!!!!
  • mehdi s.
    the BT call centre where ever it is . it sucks . they are absolutely useless
  • david
    in march 2012 upgraded to bt infinity no probs ,I got a free you view box has part of the deal this has never worked ever now I am paying a service charge for it I have been on to bt callcentre a total of 6 hours without any success in the end I gave up. so I,m now left with a useless piece of kit

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