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Bitterwallet - BT - featured BT's broadband customers have been getting BT Sport with no extra charge, but that looks like it is all about to change, with a £5 fee set to be introduced.

Of course, this is BT trying to claw back some money after throwing it around for football rights. Sky, of course, coughed up £1.4bn for Premier League rights, which saw BT throwing £320 million per season, at it.

Plans have been leaked and it looks like BT's customers will soon have to pay a little extra, which is particularly galling if you consider that some of the money will end up in Robbie Savage's pocket - is there no justice in the world?

It isn't clear if this money will be a blanket charge for all those wanting to watch BT Sports, or whether it'll be for a premium service that includes the UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches, which of course, BT won the rights for last year.

BT aren't commenting on the rumours, saying that they will be revealing their plans "in due course". That means they definitely want to announce something, and with money to make back, it looks like a price rise for those who want in.


BT Sport have announced the launch on a new pay channel to host their European matches next season - some customers will have it included in their existing package while some will have to pay an extra £5 to watch games from the Champions and Europa League.

On the channel, the presenting and punditry teams will see some new faces, in Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard, Glenn Hoddle, and MOTD's Gary Lineker will be on presenting duties.


  • Bulls H.
    Everybody knows BT is an abbreviation of bullshit.
  • CruelFox_is_a_paedo
    that's BS, mate.
  • Censorship a.
    One method of clawback has already been identified. If you leave BT for another provider, they will start charging you for BTSport, even if you havent watched it and never asked for it; YOU have to go and cancel it separately from cancelling your BT Internet. Dont ask me how, I have refused to have any dealings with BT for many years after they cut me off a whole NINE DAYS after sending me my quarterly bill.
  • Censor m.
    @Censorship avoider maybe you should have paid your bill then you gadge.
  • Nick
    I got this from BT a little while ago: Hello, As a BT Broadband customer you've received a discount on our sports channels, and we hope you've enjoyed every unmissable moment we've brought you over the past 12 months. This discount is ending soon. To keep BT Sport at a discounted rate*, simply renew your BT Broadband contract by 22 July 2015. So it seems BT Sport is only free while your in your 12 month contract anyway. If your contract expires they'll want to charge you unless you take out a new 12 month contract. I rang up and told them I didn't want to renew the contract just for BT Sport and they ended up taking £5 off of my monthly charge as well just to get me to sign up to another contract. Nice saving and I had no intention of going anywhere anyway.
  • Censorship a.
    @censor me Difficult, I was away on holiday for 11 days; and came home to find the bill, the red bill, the final notice and notice of disconnection had been sent on consecutive days, starting the day I left for the airport, with the actual disconnection occurring a few hours before my return flight landed. BT refused to explain, or to waive the reconnection fee; so I refused to pay the bill for a further 18 months while enjoying free internet (yes, they blocked the phone, but forgot the internet).
  • Bulls H.
    @Nick You were offered a measly £5 discount as a retention and you accepted it? Muppet. A decent retention deal will give you full credit for line rental or BB, both, or any combination of all three. £5 / month bribe to stay with BT? They've had your trousers down mate, and I can smell you from here.
  • Alan
    BT sent me this bizarre email saying because I haven't used it, they're taking it away and if I want to use it I'll have to pay.... "Hello, We're sending you this because you've chosen to view BT Sport via our app and online player. As you've not watched BT Sport recently, from 1 August 2015 you'll receive our new BT Sport Lite pack with access to BT Sport 1 only. This means you'll still be able to watch 38 exclusively live Barclays Premier League matches, SPFL football and Aviva Premiership Rugby for free. Visit or log into your BT Sport app to see the latest fixtures."
  • Warwick H.
    If you haven't learned how to watch live sport or anything else for that matter you really need computer lessons, its all there if you look.

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