Brits making tonnes of money from recycling unwanted phones

8 February 2012

the-brick--talking-mobile-phone-holder Mobile phones. Once you’ve finished with them, they’re good for nothing other than hurling through the windows of disused mental hospitals, right? Wrong. As we skint Brits become more and more canny with our pennies, it seems that more and more of us and trading in our old handsets for quick cash.

Get a load of THIS stat (from, ahem, The Sun) – almost £2.63 million was made by us lot, the people, from the selling of unwanted handsets last month and the average one fetches £59.58. The actual figures came from phone recycling comparison site and you can probably work out why they did a survey about this subject rather than say, pig pregnancy statistics.

Out of the top ten recycled devices, four of them were BlackBerrys, although we don’t know what this means. Not surprisingly, the most valuable handset out there is the iPhone 4S, which fetches a princely £475 if you’re looking to recycle one.

Have YOU recycled an old mobile recently? Were you pleasantly surprised by the dosh you got or were you gutted by the whole thing? Maybe you weren’t aware of mobile recycling and destroyed your old phone with an angle grider instead? Why not share your feelings with us? We don’t bite.

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  • bushbrother
    When I dumped my iPhone 3G for an HTC Desire I was quoted about £150 on these sites, I ended up flogging it to the iPhone hungry fools on Ebay for £250 in the end, they snapped it up within 3 hours of the item going live ... idiots.
  • Dick
    So you buy something that is overpriced (either directly or through contract), use it a while then sell it at a loss so you can can buy another shiny overpriced gadget that is soon out of date and you need to sell it at a loss to buy another ....
  • Jase
    You have to be careful with recycling when it's through a network provider...they can be sneaky When I renewed by Orange contract, it obviously came with a new phone. They said "we'll give you £100 credit for your old phone, which we'll use to reduce your monthly spend" (around -£5 per month). After asking "does it have to be this phone?" and wrestling some roundabout responses, I discovered that not only did it not have to be that phone, but their requirements were pretty low...a working battery, unbroken screen, ability to turn phone on/off. So, I got £100 for a Nokia 3310 that I found in my man-draw; my great quality, 18-month-old phone became a welcomed hand-me-down.
  • Ivor H.
    HTC desire? Lol you mong. Thanks for another distilled press release bw. Are you looking for new writers yet or just happy to die a slow death? Bw could be such a good site yknow.
  • kv
    OMG, PEOPLE SELL PHONES ?!?!? It's either a very slow news day or The Sun/sellmymobile/both are paying you handsomely to shill for them.
  • Mr C.
    Rip off merchants... I was offered £115 notes for my Iphone3GS, I flogged it to my mate for the going ebay rate of £145. He's happy..
  • M4RKM
    Screw the recycling people. They always quote a low price, and you can always get more on ebay, and then if you're clever, you can probably get more on amazon marketplace rather than ebay. M
  • bushbrother
    @Ivor - How is A HTC Desire worthy of being a mong?

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