Britons decide never to leave the house again

31 July 2013

Figures from the Department of Transport suggest that instead of getting off their voluminous arses and going for a walk, Britain has decided to stay in. FOREVER.


High fuel costs are partly to blame for the slump in trips by private transport, such as cars and motorbikes, which have dropped by 14% since 1997. But nobody is bothering using their feet to get anywhere, either – walking trips have fallen by 27%.

The definition of a ‘trip’ is a walk over 50 yards (eg: rolling to the shops and back for a tub of lard) or a journey by bus, train or in the car. The average Briton only made 958 trips last year, compared to 1086 in the 90s, before the advent of Internet shopping, catch up TV and massively comfy DFS sofas with cup holders.

Also, the amount we drive has gone down. The survey of 8,201 households showed that we’re driving 1000 miles a year less than we did in 2002 – citing the price of petrol and insurance as major factors.

Perhaps though, we should all try to get out more, especially on foot. What’s better? To experience the heart stopping beauty of the countryside and the majestic splendour of cities, or to slump around in the house in your slanket, eating a bucket of chicken and trying to finish level 109 of Candy Crush?

Actually, might have to get back to you on that one.

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  • klingelton
    We have many beautiful city and countryside walks within 10 miles of Leeds city centre. You don't need to go far to enjoy them.
  • Captain W.
    @klingelton You're mistaken, I need to go about 200 miles to enjoy the beautiful city and countryside walks within 10 miles of Leeds city.
  • wOnKeY h.
    Too many foxes in the countryside.
  • Captain W.
    Too many bums in big cities. Good job the two never meet.
  • klingelton
    So only urban foxes are bummed?
  • fibbingarchie
    The stats are completely hopeless. The distance between the west wing and the east wing of my house is over 50 yards, and the number of times I've done this 'trip' won't have been counted.
  • shiftynifty
    I do it everynight and then some....then the walk of shame...

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