Britons boobing by not using cashback sites

boobIf you’re reading this site, you’re probably a pretty wise shopper. You like a bargain and you don’t do your weekly grocery shop at your nearest motorway service station. You probably also save yourself extra £££s by using a cashback site whenever you shop online.

If you don’t, new research has suggested that you could be saving an average of £123 a year and that Britons on the whole are missing out on £3.3 billion in cashback payments every year from sites like Quidco, Topcashback and Cashbackkings. The survey, carried out on behalf of Kelkoo, has shown that two out of five online shoppers have never used a cashback site and a quarter of those said they had never even heard of them.

Bruce Fair, managing director of Kelkoo UK quacked: “It’s remarkable that these untapped millions go unclaimed because online shoppers don’t take advantage of cashback services. In many households, money is tight at the moment, so shoppers could really be benefiting from the additional money by ensuring that they are making the right decisions in order to get the best deals on their purchases.”

He went on to add: “£123 a year is a lot you know. You could buy almost 200 Wispa Golds with that, or 25 budget-priced kettles or six Union Jack boob tubes (pictured). You’d have to be crazy to knock that back.”

Hang on, he didn’t say that last part; it was actually our latest work experience berk, Maths Mike. Thanks Maths.


  • Michael
    Do you get cashback on the 6 boob tubes?
  • Emma
    I've had about £434 Quidco cashback in the last calendar year. But I do shop online a LOT.
  • Gunn
    I'm only quite new to the cashback but I should be in the region of £200 better off but I must admit like Emma I do almost all my shopping online. I told others about cashback but most seemed to be sceptical about it and didn't believe it could work. I suppose I was too until i got paid :)
  • Wilko
    And this isn't a blatant attempt to get people to use Quidco??? Because there isn't any link between BitterWallet, HUKD and Qudco is there? Oh hold on, yes there is. I thought Bitterwallet was supposed to be unbiased. Clearly not.
  • Paul S.
    As far as I can see, Wilco: - the source of the figures is a third party website - the article was published by a third party website - the article mentions all the cashback companies highlighted in the article, not just Quidco Given there are links and logos for HUKD all over our homepage and Deals Of The Day for HUKD is published every day, it's a bigger surprise you're surprised to discover a connection between the sites.
  • Nobby
    I agree. You should never click a link to a deal on HUKD. Always go via a cashback site such as rpoints or the other ones mentioned above. Even if you are only going to make a few pence, go via the cashback site.
  • Andy B.
    Yes but go through HUKD when you want to refund a product so that HUKD get minus affilaite money. er..
  • Matt
    £123? I clocked up almost £1000 in my first year on quidco!! If only i'd known about it earlier, I missed out on about 3 years of online shopping! One hotel booking of £500 on a 10% site and you've already clocked up £50 back! No-brainer really!
  • dvdj
    Do we really want everyone taking advantage of cashback? If everyone did it then sure enough the companies would either stop doing it or raise the prices to cover. HUKD get commision for tracked sales from certain sites, unless you're using a cashback site it's only fair really to let HUKD have their commision, it's not hurting you and it's how they make money. If they don't make money they'll close it obviously.
  • Nobby
    > Do we really want everyone taking advantage of cashback? If everyone did it then sure enough the companies would either stop doing it or raise the prices to cover. Many companies have already raised prices to cover commission fees. Insurance companies in particular have long paid commission to brokers to get customers.
  • zeddy
    That bird's a bit skanky.
  • Brian
    NO Quidco on iPhone sales, not that i need another one.
  • Bill B.
    @Brian - - £60 cashback on iPhone.
  • Ten B.
    [...] missing millions that Brits could be claiming if they’d use cashback [...]
  • Tim
    That bird’s a bit skanky.
  • Cashback M.
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