Brace yourselves - Taco Bell coming to the UK

tacobell We like it when a new name is added to the retail landscape in the UK – especially after the recession helped to do away with a few long-standing household names.

So with that in mind, our engorged guts are already rumbling at the thought of the impending arrival of… Taco Bell! Yes, the hugely popular Mexicana fast food grub-hole is coming to Britain!

Actually, that should be coming back to Britain – Taco Bell opened four UK branches over here in the late 1980s but they didn’t last long. But we’re a far more sophisticated bunch these days and mention of the word ‘burrito’ doesn’t bring most of us out in a nervous rash any more.

The first UK Taco Bell 2.0 will open in the Lakeside shopping centre in June and the nosh will cost as little as 79p. Perhaps one day, we’ll match their US numbers and there’ll be 5,600 of their ‘restaurants’ dotted around our fair isle.

Whatever – we’re looking forward to trying it all out and we’re quite happy to overlook the headline that covers this story over at The Consumerist – ‘Taco Bell To Begin Plaguing The Bowels Of England This Summer.’


  • Andrew
    I thought Taco Bell was made up when I was young. You know, because it was in Demolition Man.
  • shiftybadger
    Yay pepsi...
  • zeddy
    I've only ever tried a Taco Bell once whilst on holiday. Christ but my gut was rotten for hours afterwards. Toxic farts, here I come!
  • Klingelton
    Next we'll get a wendys. I sincerely hope we don't!
  • Steve
  • F. F.
    I have to agree with Steve here... It's easy pickings iFad day, where are the stories on dweebs who have camped out for months to get 125th in the queue?
  • kev
    @ Andrew, next we'll have Big Kahuna Burger
  • cock
    Steve, you cock
  • speedski
    this is not good news - if it was Chipotle Mexican Grill then I would start salivating now - as it is the sheer look of that fake cheese taco made my bumhole twitch
  • osubucks27
    honestly cant wait. As an american living in england this will make life a little bit easier. Now all we need is a wendys and more hooters restaurnats in the uk and ill fill right at home.
  • Dirty F.
    Looks like sick in a box
  • Steve c.
    Steve, fuck off you cunt. Go and shove you iPad up your japs eye. I really can't wait for Taco bell to be in my area, it's going to be incredible.
  • R
    @speedski There's a chipotle being fitted out in London right now!
  • EM
    Chipotle already has an outlet in the UK, in London of course (Charing Cross Road). I've walked past it and not yet been tempted...
  • speedski
    NO WAY - get tempted!!!!!
  • Mr G.
    Mmm... Chipotle: 50% of your daily calories, 100% of your daily saturated fat, 140% of your daily sodium and hardly a trace of vitamins. God, it sounds tasty just from that! DTS (Dodge The Salad).
  • Joff
    This is the best thing I've read on Bitterwallet ALL DAY.
  • The B.
    Bring back Wendy's, it'll never happen though, they've already tried it over here twice and failed both times, Wendy's I love you.
  • SimbaK2K
    Wendy's is awesome, kicks McDonald's ass big time.
  • Big G.
    Erm, Taco Bell have already had one go at getting a foothold in the UK and left with their tail between their legs
  • Alan D.
    Incredible News!!! first Best Buy comes to Lakeside and now this . My US wife will be overjoyed!!
  • Harry
    F**KING love Taco Bell. Make a point of going there whenever I'm in the US. Toasted Burritos... mmmmm.
  • dunfyboy
    So is it England or the UK?
  • tackybellend
    F^ch me there are fucking awfull - another shit import - what about spomthing like the cheescake factory or somthing for FOOKS sake
  • Jackie
    I live in Bristol and will happily drive the 2 hours and 28 minutes for Taco Bell!
  • Matt
    Great news...Chipotle and Taco last, it's taken a long time for us Brits to get the hang of Tex/Mex. I can't wait.
  • Tom
    I'm very much looking forward to visiting Taco Bell. I didn't see my favorite items chalupas or gorditas on the menu but that's ok, there are plenty of great products to try and I want to try them all! @SimbaK2K - Wendys is more comparable to Burger King than McDonalds, and the flavor profile of their burgers are quite similar. That may have contributed to the failure of the brand to take off in the UK.
  • jimbo
    all of it looks cardboardy. and isn't there an eu law forbidding ten-minute life packaging? oh bummer...pepsi, no coca-cola?
  • Rachel
    OMFG YES!!!!!11111
  • Peeps
    Hooray!!! I miss you Taco Bell!! Please, please, please come to Stirling Scotland!!!!! The bean burritos are the best!!! Yuuuuummyyy!!!!
  • emerald
    Where is the new TB located? I cannot find anything on their website Ty
  • Joden
    Will there be more Taco Bell's nationwide???? last time i ate that was in state side
  • Sandeep
    Went to Lakeside Taco bell 8 times in 14 days as I live in earls court in West London. Thats an hour there and an hour back. We need more restaurants in London and the UK. This roll out is taking too long and before people forget Taco bell and move on, they need to open more branches or change their UK management; as the current UK management does not seem to be working fast enough
  • jonyo
    i love tacobell <3 <3 <3 they should so get one in cardiff!
  • Christian M.
    Thoughtful and interesting, thank you. I was brought up in mexico but moved to england at such a young age I barely remember anything apart from the tasty food and fiery people. I finally found some authentic mexican food if you want to have a look, I thought I’d share it with you!
  • JakeS
    Awesome! Hope they make it up north to Scotland! They should put them in a Pizza Hut or KFC like they do in the States!!
  • Chris V.
    Taco Bell is delicious and actually not as bad for you as most fast or chain foods, and as long as you can remember it's fast food! Great late night after drinks!!! Chipotle (which I understand is owned byMcDonalds) should be called "Coriander". Coriander leaves in the rice, beans, sauces, meat (all-sorts) in everybloodything! It would be a good tex/mex meal at Chipoltle, but I've literally had EVERY flavour blotted out by that herb! Used in small doses as an accent=Brilliant. Used in every chipoltle I've been to=Dishwashing soap!
  • Machine
    Well,let the Brits enjoy Salmonella for awhile.Taco Bell in the States is the number 1 reason for hospital visits.Taco Bell is the number 1 cause for food poisioning in the USA.
  • Machine
    Any US Doctor will tell you this.When you limeys start peeing brown gravy out of your arsehole,perhaps then you will take this post quite serious.I've been hit by Taco Hell once,and I refuse to get hit again.

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