Those peddlin' kids aren't happy with Barclays

4 October 2010

Not everyone is a fan of the free cycle scheme in London - or at least, their sponsors - judging by this photo sent by avid Bitterwallet reader Paul:

Bitterwallet - Fuck Barclay's bicycles

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  • Lumoruk
    nothing like a bit of old news - 17th September 2010
  • Spark
    That's clearly photoshopped.
  • Nader
    This is old news isn't it?
  • Stewie G.
  • rob
    Welcome to the past
  • Max I.
    Why do I get deja vu every time that I read Bitterwallet........?
  • Codify
    Very badly photoshopped, and ancient too. Do keep up. Any chance of running that chicken-in-a-can story again?
  • cheese
  • adam
    Not Photoshopped.
  • -]
    Why the fuck does every idiot shout "FAKE!"/"SHOPPED!" every time something is posted? Fucking nonces. I've seen a few of the bikes with variations of the "fuck barcalays" sticker when I've been in the capital.

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