Arsenal turn their legal armoury on poor, bewildered Spanish hat-seller

9 September 2011

Microsoft PowerPoint - Refrigeration Audit Imagine you’re an Arsenal fan (yes, we know it’s grim but please try and indulge us). Now imagine you’re wandering down a street in Seville and you come across a hat shop called Arsenale. You’d immediately assume that the football team you love had branched out into the formal millinery business and opted to open up their first store in Spain. Of course you’d be in there like a shot, snapping up the hats, even though there aren’t that many in the club’s traditional red and white colours.

You’d be making a mistake, and some would say an obvious one. Because believe it or not, the Arsenale store in Seville (pictured) is just an ordinary purveyor of hats. There is no connection between the store and the Gunners, other than the similarity of name.

Now, after years of legal petitioning, the football club has won a legal case against the hat shop, with a trademark infringement claim acknowledged by the Spanish courts. No, seriously. The Spanish authorities have agreed that the two businesses could be confused.

Alicia Simon, owner of the Arsenale store, is appealing against the decision and a final hearing will be held in Madrid. We wonder if the British Royal Artillery feel that their ‘Gunners’ nickname is causing confusion as well and might be thinking about legal action against the stupid football club...

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  • Jeebus
    No wonder Arsenal have won fuck all recently if this it what management and and the board have been occupying their time with. The could literally sue thousands of shops across Europe and Asia for selling knockoff Arse shirts.
  • The B.
    You can see how the two could be confused, hats are designed to be worn on heads and the upper management are obviously a bunch of dickheads.
  • Jolyon B.
    Surely in that case Arsene Wenger could easily be confused with Arsehole Vendor? And allow allow rentboys to sue Arsenal?
  • Hats o.
    Yes, I was confused. I confused Arsenal for a football team. I realise my mistake now, thanks to this piece. Now I know they (the club / management) are just dick heads. I pity the supporters.
  • br04dyz
    Arse n Ale.......sounds like an awesome shop !
  • Dick
    No doubt they will be suing Venice for calling the dockyard region of the city Arsenale. Or maybe Central Park in New York, they have an Arsenal building.
  • james D.
    This is stupid, mostly because Arsenal is an english word. You cant own the use of a word in all contexts.
  • oliverreed
    Makes a change from the Apple legal team battering out patent infringement.
  • Stu
    I'm an Arsenal supporter and find suing this woman utterly shameful behaviour by the club's senior management. It's another PR own goal from a football club that seems to think it should behave like a ruthless American business and not an English family club, while allowing what really matters — the quality of the team and its on-field performance — to get progressively worse. Kroenke and Co., wake the hell up and focus on our results, not on how to squeeze increasing amounts of money from the fans, that you seem to hold in contempt.
  • Boris
    I suppose I will have to abandon plans for my elegant long spiky bum vibrator. Shame; I was hoping to get Theo Wallcott to do the demonstration in the adverts. "And he slots it in!" Prototype available from the usual address.
  • Bloke
    I could understand the legal action if the woman was selling big girls' blouses. But this is just stupid. Arse by name, arse by nature.
  • Tom
    Why is the title of the image "Microsoft PowerPoint - Refrigeration Audit"? Someone should be doing real work and not writing for BW.
  • Gav
    erm... didn't anyone look up where Arse-nil got their name from in the first place?

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