Any Other Business? 12th October 2008

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Time to leave the country for greener pastures?

Here's a selection of news pick for Sunday, rounding off a rather interesting week.

1.No more free binge drinking happy hour promos for British women [Telegraph]
Ministers drawing up new code for drink industry in fear of British binge drinking culture. Sorry, ladies.

2.Phishers adapt old scams to exploit bank turmoil [Register UK]
FTC warns not to take the bait. "Yes sir, I'm from your bank. Now please tell me your email password again?" Hey, that was easy enough.

3.Not Very Rosy Times as Crisis Grows [Times Online]
Having a bad time? You're not the only one.

4.It's Time for You to Buy Food at Discount Retailers [Guardian]
Join the chavs clad with Burberry hats stealing organic bread from LIDL.

5.Think The Financial Crisis May Be Over? [Telegraph]
Better think again.

6.Diesel costing motorists £300 extra per year [Belfast Telegraph]
Diesel is now 11% more expensive for drivers than petrol in Northern Ireland.

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