Anger at Sainsbury's for asking for free art

Sainsburys free art

Sainsbury's have got everyone's dander up, after they send out a message, asking for someone to give them some of their time and talent for free.

Basically, the supermarket giant wants a mural in one of their canteens, but they're not willing to actually pay for it.

They posted this notice, asking for an artist's help.

So, as you can see - there's no money in it, but you the artist, will get a lot of 'experience' and some exposure.

People are not happy.

With Sainsbury's having loads of money, you'd think they'd be able to stump up a couple of quid, right?

Some people decided to offer their own creative vision for the canteen at Sainsbury's.

There's more anger too.

Some people pointed out that an artist won't get much exposure for their talents by painting someone's staff room for them.

Bit of a PR clanger for poor, penny-rubbing Sainsbury's here. Not that they'll care, obviously.

They'll inevitably tweet an apology and that'll be the end of it. Still, nice to see so much swearing knocking about. Yes, we're puerile.

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