All hail the Three Wolf Moon pyjamas... and sleep tight

J635-WO-M-1 There seems to be no end in sight to the global cult that is the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt, the garment that sparked hundreds upon hundreds of guffaw-worthy comments of praise on Amazon earlier in the century. Its success has led to such spin-offs as the Three Hippopoticorn Moon t-shirt, the Three Keyboard Cat Moon t-shirt the Three Wolf Moon version of hit musical Stomp, and now this… the Three Wolf Moon pyjamas.

Thanks to this revolution (or evolution) in sleepwear technology, you can be adorned from head to toe in these beautiful, yet slightly threatening sky-howling wolves. No one will come near you unless you’ve previously rang them with an order for food and everything in the world will be as it should be.

Better still, they’re ‘drop seat footed’ pyjamas – in short, as well as built-in feet there’s a convenient arse-flap that means you’ll never have to take them off. For anything. Ever. Except maybe the inevitable court appearance or post-sectioning examination…

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    I tried five times today to access your site. Are you having problems with your hosting account? Is it my Internet connection?

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