A trifling case of pudding theft makes the news

18 February 2011

What's that? You're a reporter with only got ten minutes until print deadline and you're staring at the white space where a story should be? Why not knock out a couple of paragraphs about that thing you dismissed as parochial bollocks when you thought you had enough to write about?

Yes, it's more from our occasional series of newspapers struggling to find a story. Our favourite bit is the detail concerning the state of the pudding at the time of theft. Let's hope the scoundrel is caught and gets their just-desserts.

Bitterwallet - Bainbridge pudding theft

[Kitsap Sun] via [BuzzFeed]

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  • The B.
    Prepared and unprepared state? The mind boggles, was it half made or was it made but in need of cooking? I'm on the edge of my seat here, I need to know more.
  • Pez
    Schroedinger's Pudding? Clearly this warrants further investigation.
  • PokeHerPete
    Bainbridge is a interesting typo of brain dead.
  • zeddy
    I don't know why I pay my taxes. Those lazy bastard cops sitting on their arses when there is crime cases like this to be solved.
  • Morpheus
    The world needs to know ...was it Butterscotch Angel Delight? If so then it calls for the death penalty - at least ...
  • hippy
    where is sherlock holmes when the world needs him so badly!
  • w0nKeY H.
    I’m on a pig.
  • qwertyuiop
    There's something painfully ironic about BW posting about a story regarding what is evidently a slow news day.
  • Claire
    More importantly, why would they take a kitchen cabinet too? That's just greedy.

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