5 ways to keep the kids entertained during the half-term break

School holidays. Gah. A week of Sunny D-ravaged minors running around like nutjobs, wanting to play in mummy and daddy's room after you've made the bed, eating everything in the cupboard and demanding they watch their cartoons all day long. The little shits.

Worry not, citizen. If you've barely got through Monday and Tuesday with your life, here are five sources of inspiration to keep them distracted for the rest of week, meaning you're not so wound up in the evenings when getting down to the important stuff like drinking liquor and watching all-new CSI:

A simple website powered by an in-depth database, Days Out lets you search for attractions in your vicinity; just enter your postcode and the distance you're prepared to travel and it'll spit back a long list of suggestions. There are also voucher schemes that mean savings at most major attractions.

FA Skills sessions
If the kids like kicking seven bells out of a football, get them doing it properly now, and by the time they're a teenager you'll be living off their obese seven figure wages. There are still several free FA Skills sessions happening this week; check the website for more details. [found by HUKD member Ladsbroke]

Free crafts, colouring and games
There are plenty of websites offering free activities to keep the kids occupied without rotting the brains out their ears with more Ben 10 (although we're big fans of it, personally); two examples are thekidzpage.com and freestuff4kids.net which have hundreds of free games, print-out jigsaws and colouring sheets for printing.

ASDA Sporting Chance
ASDA are offering vouchers for thousands of sporting activities across the country throughout the year. Tell the website your postcode, the age of your child and how far you can travel, and it'll give you a list of activities where sports lessons and sessions are available for free.

Local council activities
Your local council realises that if the kids are happy then you'll be happy, and far less likely to do an "Edmonds" on them. Many councils organise free events and activities to distract the little sods during half-term; you'll find your local council's website in the DirectGov directory.


  • pip
    You could on the other hand tell them a group of child eating trolls have hidden outside their bedroom and you will let them know when safe to venture out. Which of course will be the first day back at school. Or convince them it is super fun to clean, cook, wash, iron, walk the dog, clean the car etc well why would mummy do it all the time if not!
  • DL
    TONS of stuff to print out and make at the Canon Creative Park eg Animals /Architecture/Celebrations/Craftown/Games//Lucky Items//Origami/Science http://www.canon.co.uk/paperart/index.asp
  • Yas 8.
    or buy them the 'FA skills (tesco value, it wont make you riquelme . .) footies for a quid. at, er, tesco . .
  • -=Mike H.
    There is also the option, NOT TO HAVE KIDS, that is the prefed option, I still have to pay for the little SH*ITS though.
  • Poundland �.
    [...] take a look at Bitterwallet’s blog, which offers 5 simple ways to keep your kids entertained this half [...]
  • Andy v.
    have they recreated the 'sebAstian' album cover!?
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  • Mariela K.
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