£406 for a Stones ticket? Is that the price of satisfaction?

15 October 2012

The Rolling Stones are BACK! Yes, AGAIN! Arguably the world’s biggest still-surviving rock and roll act, Jagger, Richards, Watts, Wood, Jones, Starr, Holder and Bullard have announced a few gigs to help promote their new 50th anniversary greatest hits album.

It all sounds pretty good until you look at the cost of the tickets for their show at the O2 Arena, formerly know as the Millennium Dome. The cheapest ones are £106 and they go up all the way to a whopping £406. Yes, £406! Those prices include some fairly mammoth booking fees as well (£31 in the case of the most expensive tickets).

Are the Stones worth that amount of money (bear in mind that they probably won’t be doing this kind of thing for that much longer)? Is any artist worth that amount of money? TELL US!*

(*before noon on Tuesday)

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  • Prince D.
    Wow alot of money to see some OAPs singing crap!
  • Darren
    @Prince of Darkness Wow alot of money to see some OAPs LIP SYNCING crap!
  • Prince D.
    lol true
  • br04dyz
    There are VIP standing tickets for £950 + VAT - imagine the fun you'd have with the monied most pitters :-)
  • Sicknote
    I have to admit, they are a bunch of crooning pensioners that don't really hit the mark any more.
  • samuri
    more of a joke now
  • Tim B.
    So...£106 then? Not £406? In other words, a non-story.
  • shiftynifty
    Er...they would have to pay me....surely the public is getting wise to these rip -off tours
  • Spencer
    are they not wealthy enough? apparently not... I wouldn't even contemplate it to be honest. even if I were a huge fan. £15 - 20 is about right... £30 is expensive and I'd only go to £40 if I was desperate to see my favourite bands. £106... keep it.
  • Kevin
    Will they sell all their tickets? Yes they will.
  • Avon B.
    Oh where are the young rebels now eh? On Keith's estate in Connecticut, Charlie's stables in Devon, Mick's villa in Mustique, or doing a spot of painting with Ronnie? Retire guys, whilst you still have some dignity.
  • Natty
    Fuck that, they have only produced 20 years of good music the last 30 have been shit, bloody nerve claiming 50 years of anything apart from lashing it up.
  • Adey
    £15 million for a couple of hours performing- thats just greed. How have bands like the stones and u2 etc got away with hoarding so much money whilst millions are dying through starvation across the world. They are greedy to the point of sickness

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