3D pub footy coming soon... very, very soon?

Sky-1-Arsenal If you were sickened by the fact that you missed out on seeing Sky’s recent one-off trial of 3D Premier League football, you won’t have to wait too long for another go at it.

LG are crowing over the fact that they’ve just flogged 15,000 3D TV sets to Sky for the broadcaster to sprinkle into pubs across the land… and it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

The broadcaster we all hate to love tried out the 3D experience in January for the Manchester United v Arsenal league match, which turned out to be a huge success, prompting the speedy return of 3D.

Sky are said to be planning a rapid rollout of the 3D footy this spring, and as there’s only about ten weekends of Premier League matches remaining, we reckon we’re looking at days rather than weeks before we’re all down the juicer turning the place into a scene akin to a pissed-up Roy Orbison convention.

Tough times for Britain’s eyes and livers, but we’ll cope…



  • Ross
    My local has got 3D for the Man Utd v Chelsea game on 3rd April. Happy days
  • dunfyboy
    LG? So it'll turn itself off half way through the 1st half then when it comes back to life you can watch the "please wait" message spin round and round till the end of time. Or is that just their phones?
  • The B.
    From the reviews I read the 3D looked great but was confined to players coming in/out of the tunnels, crowd shots, etc, it wasn't actually used on any of the match cameras (presumably as they'd have to fork out for a secondary set of cameras) so I'd have to ask, what's the point?
  • MickeyB
    That's just their phones. Screens are about they only thing they're good at.
  • BO
    LG tvs are brilliant. 3d football is crap though.. pointless
  • LanceVance
    LG make 92% off all the high def screens in use today. Sod football, i wonder how long it will be before UFC is in 3D?
  • john
    No in actual fact its Samsung who supplies the LCD screens and Panasonic who supplies the plasma screens to manufacturers.

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