3D football coming to secret pubs this weekend!

28 January 2010


People, the future is finally here – and better still, you’ll have to go down the pub to witness it in all its majestic glory.

Sky, the broadcasting monster that we all love to hate and hate to love but secretly love a bit anyway are the providers of the great leap forward – it’s your real, actual 3D football on the telly.

It’ll happen as soon as this Sunday in a smattering of pubs around the country where the Arsenal v Manchester United Premier League skirmish will be broadcast in all three magnificent dimensions. Sky claim it will be it will be the first transmission of a live 3D TV sports event to a public audience.

Better still, if you want to see it, you’ll need to work out where to go, as Sky are refusing to reveal the identity of the nine pubs, in order to avoid a series of stampedes.

All they will say is that four of the screenings will be in London, with two in Manchester and one each in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Dublin.

The service will be increased in April, when hundreds of pubs will be kitted out with 3D screening equipment, with scores of grown adults standing around all sporting silly 3D glasses as they watch Burnley and Birmingham grind out a miserable 0-0 draw.

By the end of the year, Sky 3D should be available in the living rooms of Sky HD subscribers who take their film and movie packages.

Where will it all end? Smell-o-vision we hope, with the chance to opt in for the whiff of stale beer and meat pies, or if you choose the retro option, Silk Cuts and male urine.


  • Sideysid
    3D porn...there I said what you all was thinking. AND you get to wear a pair of shades to look cool in the process, whats not to like? viva la revolution!
  • Carlos J.
    Fuck the football I want what Sidey is selling :)
  • ButterMan
    Do I have to wear 2 pairs of glasses, or can I get prescription 3d ones? Can I get 3D contact lenses?
  • Keith D.
    What on earth is the point of keeping the venues a secret? What is the point of showing it if no one is going to turn up, because they don't know where to go?
  • Michael
    Pubs have to be kept secret as otherwise they will be mobbed. You put the nameson the internet and thousands would turn up.
  • Myrone
    So you have to bloody guess what pub will be showing it then?! Its like a bloody lottery! There must be thousands of pubs in London! Where do I start?!
  • damian
    it will be shown in the britania victoria park rd london e9 my auntie owns it she told me last week cant wait!!!
  • peter p.
    You don't have to "guess" at all. The landlord of the pubs have already told their regulars that they will be holding it - they already have as many customers as they can hold. You aren't wanted or needed. 'tis a bit shit of sky to advertise it though.
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