£35,000 spent by Norfolk Police for minor logo alteration

Minor alterations in the Norfolk police force logo have just costed taxpayers major moolah.

£35,000, to be exact.

While the new version preserved the crest logo, it does have smoother edges and was reduced from color to black and white. It also has a different font.

The cost of the logo was made public due to a Freedom of Information request.  Norfolk Police are defending the purchase, telling the Telegraph, "The former multi-coloured crest has been replaced by a smart, modern, monotone marque which is cheaper to reproduce."

Here's a photo of the logo alteration, courtesy of The Telegraph, so that you can compare the difference:


Question is, how did these minor alterations end up at a whopping £35,000?

Freedom of Information revealed that it cost £3,000 to develop the logo, £6,700 to apply it to patrol cars and another £25,000 to incorporate it on police signs.

Susie Squire, campaign manager at the TaxPayers' Alliance, said that the rebranding project was a waste of the taxpayers' money, saying,

"The money for this rebranding has come straight out of the pockets of ordinary families, money they can ill afford as the credit crunch continues to bite. It's a matter of priorities, and all available resources should go into fighting crime and not snazzy marketing."

Explanation from Norfolk Police, unfortunately, may not satisfy Norfolk residents. Just this month is was disclosed that the Norfolk police have failed to immediately respond to crimes, with the exception of sex attacks, robberies and murders.

Redesigning logos would therefore probably not be considered 'frontline policing' to local residents.


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