YouView finally gets Netflix

netflix-transparent Netflix is coming to BT YouView boxes. AT LAST.

The phone firm struck a deal with Netflix and now everyone's happy. Customers will be able to add Netflix to their existing TV Entertainment package deal for an additional £5.99 a month.

BT put out a statement with words such as: "We continue to focus on strengthening our TV proposition and are excited to announce we have entered into a partnership with Netflix that will allow our customers to sign up for Netflix alongside our other products and services, with the added convenience of paying on one bill directly through BT" in it.

It's about time too, as the absence of Netflix is one of the key moans about YouView

It is yet to be confirmed whether YouView customers who don't own a BT box will be able to access Netflix through the platform, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.


  • jim
    does that mean we have to pay an extra 5.99 just to get Netflix? Then also pay the netflix monthly fee? Cos i have a netflix login - i dont get that at all..... anyone explain?
  • Alexis
    Netflix is great if you like 10 year old films and all the stuff you can get on 4OD anyway.

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