Your Sky subscription is about to get more expensive

Bitterwallet - Sky collect personal data Sky are about to put up their prices by 10% as of September. On the cheapest deal, this means paying an extra £2 per month, which isn't so bad. If you have the top-end deal, with all bells and whistles, that's be an increase which will take your bill over the £70 mark, according to reports.

Not only that, ESPN & ESPN Classic will be dropped by Sky after 31st July, after the channels were bought by Sky's rivals, BT.

BT, of course, are going after Sky's sporting crown and have launched two sports channels offering live Premier League and European football.

Of course, Sky customers can still watch BT Sports channels, but they'll need to pay £12 per month while BT broadband customers get the channels for free.

The question here is: Will Sky subscribers be willing to switch to BT or does it all feel a bit tin-pot?


  • Kok W.
    £70 a month? Fucking hell, the robbing bastards. I'd be happier with an extra 5 minutes of adverts an hour if they took at least 33% off the price of the full package. How can they even justify £70 a month for the full TV package?
  • shiftynifty
    £70 a month to watch shite...because lets face is shit
  • Seymour
    I can't imagine there are many under 25s who pay for Sky, unless you're paying a premium to watch your shitty sport teams live. You can get most of the content much cheaper from places like lovefilm, netflix and the piratebay/torrent sites.
  • whasitoya
    Hahahahahahahahaha, I'm so glad now I've left them for and combo of freesat and tpb.
  • Mustapha S.
    I'm on the 75% off deal again, always worth ringing sky to see what they offer. Would never pay £70 a month, but £23ish for everything is pretty good value considering freeview/freesat is shite and my broadband is too slow to download gigabytes of films and tv shows.
  • Mr. P.
    Freesat's pretty good once you get weaned off Sky's endless repeats of shit like Britain's Funniest Ponds and American Cupcake Smackdown. After a week you don't even miss them, and the £30+ back in your pocket is ace.
  • Sicknote
    Is there really any point paying for any TV nowadays - here in Malta we use all online TV services that don't cost a farting. In principle this should work well in the UK - you just need to be confident to tell the Capita employee who knocks your door about the TV license.
  • iForgot
    "Don't cost a farting" lol

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