Yahoo to go into telly?

yahoo_logo Yahoo is apparently looking into producing its own online TV shows. The web portal plans to come up with content in a bid to rival Netflix and Amazon.

They might as well seeing as no-one uses them for anything else.

Yahoo is apparently looking to move away from short-form Web originals and wants to produce 10-episode, half-hour comedies.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! is allocating a budget of $700,000 to a few million dollars per episode for its content.

Experienced writers and directors are being sought for the project, while CEO Marissa Mayer is hoping to show the first crop of content to advertisers on April 28. It was also recently claimed that Yahoo could also launch its own YouTube rival of professionally-made content by poaching video makers and owners with better offers.

You better hurry up and start dressing your dog up like a baby and filming it in a bid to get your hands on some internet goldrush money!

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