Will the PlayStation 4 scrap the mighty DualShock controller?

21 January 2013

Sony's DualShock controller is one of the finest things on Earth. It is robust, does exactly what it needs to do and most importantly, isn't one of those awful, awful motion wands like Nintendo has.

However, the PlayStation controller may be heading toward the scrapheap after 16 years of being reliable, sturdy and brilliant.

So what is in store for the PlayStation 4? Well, according to rumours, there's a brand-new controller afoot with one prototype including biometric sensors on the grips and an LCD touchscreen. Will it just be like a PS Vita then? We'll have to wait and see.

One reason that there's change is that a licensing deal with rumble patent holder Immersion ended up with Sony getting sued and having to cough-up £94.2 million to the company, of which 10% ended up in the pocket of Microsoft, who just happen to be Immersion's parent company.

Sony need to get this new controller right because they've been losing money hand-over-fist in recent years. Make a clunky controller and it could be curtains to Sony forever... and that would be weird. The inventor of the WalkMan and the provider of PlayStation, gone!


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  • jokester
    Hopefully the new controller will actually be big enough to fit an adult's hands, and not be designed so your fingers slip off the triggers every 20 seconds... Also, the left thumbstick should be placed better IMHO.
  • Englebert.Humperdinck
    ^^^ true! Its not perfect by any means and way too small for large hands. Thats why you dont get many people trying to re-create the PS3 style on 360, but lots of 360 style controllers out for the PS3 360 pad is far superior except for racers where the DS3 shines
  • jokester
    Thanks for the agreement, although I don't see any advantage DualShock3 has for racing games? Every time I play GT5, my finger keeps slipping off the accelerator! Well, it did before I got some Giotech 'Real Triggers' which do improve the controller a lot to be fair.
  • Paul C.
    Pah. The 360 pad is big enough to serve a roast dinner on and in turn, I suppose large enough for special needs gamers. The dualshock has always been ergonomic and the sticks are in perfect position for the thumbs. I don't need the symmetry to be unbalanced. I'm not even sure where this complaint about the fingers slipping off the back L2/R2 comes from - never was an issue on previous Playstations. It seems to be an argument that has risen up with the idiots who laud COD games as the bastion of gaming prowess. i.e. complete fucking idiots. Go and play some real games.
  • Hex
    ^^^ Yeah like Kick Off 2, Populous and Wings
  • Mike O.
    ^^^ Far Cry 3 is very good.
  • kv
    so they're going to use a controller that's a hybrid of a Vita and a WiiU pad? Microsoft must be quaking in their boots
  • oliverreed
    Like we care, nobody will buy a PS4 anyhoo.
  • Sicknote
    Who fucking cares; playstation was always shit. N64 all the way for me.
  • Mustapha S.
    I agree with Sicknote. WTF?

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