When toys were more dangerouser - part one of an occasional series...

It's okay - the dog will probably catch them when it inevitably collapses or they fall out...


[Boing Boing]


  • Nobby
    That doesn't look real to me. There would be dog shit somewhere in the garden. As to the product, can it take three drunk adults in stormtrooper costumes and a few crates of beer on top?
  • Nobby
    And if you want some more dangerous toys, my dad brought back a set of Lawn Darts from the states in about '78/'79. They were almost lethal. He also brought back a moulding toy where you melted plastic sheets, ah the smell. That was almost as much fun as melting lead on the stove in my mum's best saucepans to make toy soldiers. Kids don't know what they are missing these days.
  • Andy
    The very first O guage train set that Hornby produced in the 1930s was actually powered at 240V AC direct from the mains!
  • Issac M.
    @ Nobby, yeah you might be right. The shadow on that orbiting death star looks shopped to me. Must be fake!
  • F. F.
    Surely the giant dildo would topple the whole thing? Where can I get me one 'o dem?
  • mark M.
    I would kill for one of those towers now! My kids wouldn't get a chance to play in it because I would always be in it.
  • Claire
    That just looks so cool, oh why can't i get one. My son would love that and all the kids down the road.
  • init
    Air 'fix' model kits, sniffin' glue, way to go :)
  • The B.
    Child 1: Oooh, doesn't the moon look pretty tonight. Child 2: That's no moon. It's a space station. Dog: Rrrrraaaaaarrrrrr (in a Chewbacca stylee).
  • Jabba S.
    Thats not a dog its chewie
  • Shooter M.
    The advert is missing the picture of the officious next door neighbour poking his head over the fence and muttering "You rebel scum"
  • zeddy
    Princess Leia is just out of the picture, lying in a drug induced fugue.
  • cheapskate
    # Posted by Claire | May 12th, 2010 at 2:35 pm That just looks so cool, oh why can’t i get one. My son would love that and all the kids down the road. How would the kids down the road feel about being loved by your son?

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