Watch the Thrones on blinkbox

Game-of-Thrones-Season-4-Second-Trailer-570x293 blinkbox are promoting their biggest ever tie-up with Tesco.

The digital service is launching their largest marketing campaign for a TV show, as Game of Thrones Season 4 arrives on blinkbox months before DVD release.

blinkbox is giving away 1,000 loyalty scheme Tesco Clubcard points and a free 10” Finest pizza with every purchase of the swords and nooky-filled bunkum.

blinkbox describes the promotion as “the most generous ever” as it marks a strategic shift towards regular loyalty mechanics in a bid to tempt new customers and drive loyalty.

'Loyalty mechanics'. Read it and actually weep.

250 Clubcard points also come with the purchase of any of the previous three series. Customers who buy all four series of Game of Thrones with blinkbox will be rewarded with 1,750 Clubcard points.

It will be backed by a TV and digital advertising blitz, and Tesco will also be offering limited edition cards with key characters in its artwork. Those characters that haven't been killed gorily and raped yet anyway.

blinkbox Managing Director Adrian Letts reckons "It’s our most generous giveaway ever and proves that we are committed to offering the very latest and best TV without subscription and rewarding customers for choosing us with exclusive offers. The message is clear – we’ll treat customers like royalty for their loyalty.”

Bloody Hell. Remember when Tesco gave a monkeys about food?


  • Salmonmax
    Loyalty mechanics? I read it and not only wept, but went out and slaughtered an entire wedding reception.
  • Tweedskin
    You do know that Tesco own 80% of blink box yeah...?
  • Billybobjimbob
    Wow! "Blinkbox are promoting their biggest ever tie-up with Tesco"! You mean Tesco, the company that owns blinkbox?
  • Dick
    I remember when tesco put monkeys in lasagna.

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