Warning: Counterfeit Star Wars goods alert. Approach with caution.

There is truly nothing worse than shoddy, unauthorised goods that try and trade on an established brand name. It’s downright trickery and fakery and we’ve lashed out at it with our curled consumer tongue in the past. Spader Man indeed.

So we were disgusted when we saw these completely unofficial Star Wars corsets as made by Evening Arwen. Disgusted. Appalled. Ashamed.

It brings the fine, commercially untarnished name of Star Wars and George Lucas into hideous disrepute. Unlike a World Cup ad with Snopp Dogg (Snopp Dogg? Snoop Doog surely) and a gig on Coronation Street. What do you lot reckon?



  • Nobby
    They should definitely be forced to remove those fake goods.
  • Nobby
    Well, I can honestly say that is the first time I have ever wanked whilst looking at Darth Vader. How many of you can say that too?
  • Joanne
    normally I hate people fucking with star wars but i love these...I may even purchase one for halloween...
  • Jabba S.
    Wouldnt mind remaking Episode III - Revenge of the Fist with 'em.
  • Klingelton
    Is snopp dogg the cheaper mexican counterpart?
  • Andy D.
    @Kingelton - Ah, erm, thanks.
  • Klingelton
    You're welcome!
  • Howard M.
    Actually, this is the first time I haven't wanked whilst looking at Darth Vader. If only Chelmsford Cineworld was more understanding I wouldn't be on community service for the next 5 years.
  • Klingelton
    Seriously though, my lass has one of these in the post... It's like a geek's fantasy!
  • Klingelton
    I never realised that Darth has a wazzo set of jugs!
  • I f.
    It's a shame the one on the left doesn't show all that much tit.
  • Amanda H.
    I can't quite give an unbiased comment atm, as the one on the right has my nads in a force grip.
  • jp
    and for you mr vadar . . . . . sarah ferguson. DO YOU MIND IM A RESPECTABLE MAN!
  • PaulH
    I think Klingelton has been watching too many episodes of Bottom
  • Wonky H.
    @Amanda Hugginnkiss nads??? WTF are they real?
  • Stuart b.
    Hang on, if your a Star Wars geek, you haven't got a girlfriend. What are you supposed to do, ask your mum?
  • Klingelton
    @ PaulH Thank god for dave eh?
  • Mr G.
    Definitely need before and after pics...
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