Vodafone sign up Now TV

vodafone Vodafone have bagged themselves another online service into their harem of 4G rewards with the mobile vendor now offering Sky's Now TV on demand service.

So, when you shack up with Vodafone's 4G contract, you get yourself a Now TV Entertainment Pass, which usually costs £7 per month, and opens the door to channels including Sky Atlantic, Fox, Disney Channel, Comedy Central and MTV, as well as on-demand box sets.

This has been Vodafone's charm, with its 4G now mostly in the UK, operators are doing everything to woo customers to shove their cash into their thongs, with Vodafone's tactic of throwing extra services as freebies, including Spotify and Netflix in.

Also, if you get your act together ahead of the Christmas, you'll get three months of Sky Movies. Fancy that!

But as is always the case with these things, make sure you don't sign away your life or end up with unexpected bills. Oh and Vodafone aren't throwing in the Now TV box either, which is enough to start civil unrest.


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    Note NowTv streams only 720p
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    No box? So your being using their App over data then? And what if you already do have a box?

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