Virgin Media let you watch VoD and live TV on your Android

Bitterwallet - Richard Branson blackmail at Virgin Media Virgin Media has launched its TV Anywhere on-demand and live streaming TV service on Android phones in a bid to annoy Sky's 'Go' service.

The TV Anywhere app is new to Android and already available on Apple devices, and Virgin have added another nine channels to their line-up, prompting Virgin Media to claim that they've got "more channels in total than Sky Go".

"Virgin TV Anywhere offers more live channels than Sky Go, with 90 available online and 67 to watch on mobile and tablets. 39 of these channels are not available on Sky Go, including BT Sport, ITV, Channel 5, CBS Reality Premier Sport and many more," said Virgin Media in a statement.

So what are these new channels? You get Alibi, Dave, Drama, Good Food, Home, Really, Watch, Yesterday and CBS Reality. Presumably, they all come under the 'Meh' package elsewhere.

The app is free for Virgin Media Tivo customers, which means you'll be able to remotely control your Tivo set-top boxes, setting timers for shows and all that jazz. You can also rate programmes too, should that be of any interest at all. The app isn't available to anyone who isn't a Virgin customer.


  • Old G.
    About time too! I'm getting heartedly sick of all this pandering to Apple customers by releasing stuff for them first. I thought Android had the bigger market share anyway? At long last I don't have to worry about missing another Murder, She Wrote episode. All I need now is a lifetimes supply of tissues to go with it.
  • mark
    Poor from Virgin, it's not TV anywhere you need to be connected to your wifi so it's not anywhere is it! Also very limited amount of devises can use this. I get the bit where it will not work on rooted devises but come on there are not many units this will run on and only being able to use it home is second rated. Virgin always 5 years behind Sky
  • Hardly a.
    Not exactly 'TV Anywhere' if you are a Virgin subscriber who doesn't have a Tivo box.

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