Virgin Atlantic - now with soaps catchup

7 November 2013

corrie Virgin Atlantic are going to offer customers the chance to play catchup with a new service which will let you keep up to date with UK soaps. If you've been away, you can get up to speed with Coronation Street and Emmerdale during your flight, so you can keep up with the gossip.

Virgin Atlantic's director of Brand and Customer Experience Reuben Arnold said: "Here at Virgin Atlantic we are always looking for new ways to add to our customers' experience every time they fly with us. This latest venture with ITV is another great example of this."

"We're really excited to be able to offer our customers a chance to catch up on their favourite ITV soaps as part of our already outstanding in-flight entertainment package."

Martin Goswami, who does some job at ITV, said: "Soaps are the cornerstone of ITV's prime time schedule and a key driver of national conversation up and down the country. We are thrilled to have teamed up with Virgin Atlantic to offer this brand new and exciting service enabling their soap loving passengers to catch up on any episodes they have missed on board their flights."

The service will launch in November, so now you can cry in front of a load of strangers when your favourite character gets slain on the cobbles.


  • Rodders
    Might be useful, Id like to know if they have found Minnie Caldwall's cat yet.
  • Sarahs c.
    How about Virgin just try and get the ancient seatback entertainment system to actually work in the first place? Waste of six hours of my flight when the system resets randomly and you have to watch the whole thing from the beginning again. And the 200 free air miles wasn't compensation you beardy git.....

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