"Two tickets to see a giant three-dimensional mammary please..."

16 April 2010

At a trip to the cinema this week, I was reduced to a dribbling moron, tittering at naughty words. Yep, on the board for which films were being shown, bold as brass in bright LCD letters, was a showing of 3D Clash Of The Tit.


It won't surprise you that it was the first film to sell out that night. Imagine the disappointment when a bunch of spotty youths settled down for the film, expecting a gigantic bouncing pair of baps, only to be faced with Liam Neeson's stupid face.

Fnarr (etc)


  • numptyj
  • tom
    hahahaha ok responses are getting boring now, nearly as boring as bitterwallets posts. Seriously the quality has been nothing short of shite for months now. Get some decent writers and researchers in!
  • Big B.
    Jesus wept this is the worst post of all time.
  • Jesus C.
    The picture doesn't even say 'Clash of the tit' Epic face-palm I feel.
  • Skymarshall
    Is Jesus joking?! Jesus.
  • Chris
    @ wannabe Jesus Christ: Look at the second film down: "3D Clash of the tit"...
  • wonky h.
    Jesus Christ what a tit
  • wonky h.
    yup just looked again to be sure. It does say "Clash of the tit" Even looks like a pair of neon boobs drifted into the picture.

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