TVCatchup swats away legal challenge from ITV

tvcatchup The online telly-streaming website TVCatchup have won a major court case, brought against them by ITV and others and are free to carry on streaming free-to-air channels without being bludgeoned by burly TV giants.

On their site, TVCatchup say that the High Court has announced that the site is “perfectly lawful, and that users of the website can continue to enjoy access to streamed content without the need for aerials, satellite dishes, additional cabling, additional TV sets and so forth.”

The site has almost five million registered users and they say that they can “now resume development of unique features... unhindered by the constant distraction of those broadcasters unwilling or unable to match the quality, convenience and choice enjoyed by users of the site.”

Which is all good news for TVCatchup and online telly-watchers. It remains to be seen what those new features will be and whether the removal of the legal threat will lead to the launch of similar copycat services...


  • Mike
    Is BBC on this service? If so how does that fit in with license fees and this ruling?
  • Alexis
    You still need a TV licence to watch live television as it is being broadcast. TV catchup is 'live' TV, with a broadcast delay of about 5 seconds. Of course, having a TV licence is voluntary, no matter what the BBC says. You just ignore their monthly computer generated letters and refuse to speak / don't answer / slam the door to any Capita salesman that might call.
  • Andrew
    A TV licence is not "voluntary". If you are caught watching an unlicenced TV it is an absolute offence. Given the increase in police powers over the last decade, are you really willing to give them any reason to come into your home ?
  • Brian's U.
    The quality of the stream is pretty ropey compared to dedicated streaming apps like iplayer.
  • The B.
    Andover - "Yes you need a TV license to watch live TV in the UK." But if TV Catchup has a 5 second delay then does it count as live and do you need a license?
  • me
    @ Andrews! Tv licence is a CON! I have not paid mine for over 10 years and yet, nothing has happened and never will. Thanks to a bunch of twats that can't be bothered to get the facts straight and just pay the fee as is " just a tenner per month..." Well, I saved over a grand already!
  • Thom D.
    @ "me" Congratulations on saving a grand, just enough to pay the fine if they ever do catch up with you. Despite your protestations and insults I can't help but notice that you've not included your name and I'm willing to bet you used a fake email address too, clearly keen not to push your luck there... Whilst the posturing and the implementation of the license fee checks can be somewhat draconian, and I definitely don't care for the entire output of the BBC, bear in mind that for just under 40 pence a day the annual license fee provides the vast majority of the BBC's budget. For that little expenditure we get one of the largest media organisations in the world, probably the largest one which doesn't answer to advertisers or shareholders but instead to stakeholders, to the fee-payers. They're far from perfect, often least-so when they ape the practises and mentalities of the organisations for whom the bottom line is the bottom line, but they bring news coverage and access to information from around the world with less bias than their competitors and, frankly, they're a vital component in keeping the rest of the media in-check. I'm sure the reverse is true, but you'd be mad to think that the quality of British broadcasting and journalism would improve if it became a Darwinian struggle between for-profit companies. This may seem over-earnest, but your glib selfishness seems indicative of the mindset that lets irreplaceable and valuable institutions and protections disappear because they aren't tailored specifically for you, because 'you' have an intrinsic right to things since you're so clever as to avoid the fees. So well done again, you've saved enough money to buy a copy of the Daily Mail every couple of days... It's clearly the coverage of events you deserve.
  • PlatPlat
    Like it or not paying the TV licence is a legal requirement in this country and by not paying you are defrauding the law-abiding folk of this country who subsidise your free telly.
  • The A.
  • Phil
    Let me guess Abolisher - You must love sh*t tv then. What else is worth watching but the BBC? Unless you count the absolute rip off that is sky (I'd also then have to give murdock cash which is something I won't do). Thanks but no thanks. Also using caps to shout on the internet is just dumb...
  • Go B.
    The BBC is one of the few things the UK is admired for. It may look like a lot when you're in a single bedsit and not a shared/family home, but there's a lot of quality programmes there. ITV can go hang... they're now/will be receiving a chunk of the license fee to prop up their ailing finances.
  • Grumpy
    WTF Is dis real?
  • The B.
    Are you saying that ITV doesn't produce quality programs? There's um, and er.... Hold on, Harry Hill, they've got Harry Hill stuff, low brow certainly, brainless definitely but a guilty pleasure nonetheless.
  • Grumpy
    Virtually everything I watch is on iPlayer, and hence BBC. Sure, I'm watching Penn and Teller on ITV Player and I've just watched every episode of the Inbetweeners on 4OD, but most of the output from other broadcasters can't rival what the BBC put out on an extremely regular basis. The only decent stuff on other channels is stuff bought from America or repeats of old BBC shows! Although I admit, "EPISODES" really did suck. And the quality of ITV Player (which, incidentally, can be shortened to "IPlayer") is also absolutely terrible.
  • Quivering d.
    ABOLISH THE LICENCE - Just google that for the truth! There is a great community for just that and they are excellent at finding the flaws and lies that the BBC create to make people pay Telly-TAX.. For decades people have paid millions towards the BBC Nazi Corporation because of the Crapita threatening bullies. Their FANS "payers", are ignorant to the facts! Just look at the imbecilic nonsense they write on this page alone! A shout-out to the forums users ;)
  • Richard
    I hate the license fee, mainly because the stuff the BBC churns out is utter wank. How is it fair to other competitors that the BBC can spurt out this garbage and still be able to compete because consumers are forced to pay for their services. It's like saying to people, you're more than welcome to shop at waitrose if you want but if you do you'll have to spend £10 on value baked beans from tesco too.
  • me
    @ dicomidis Sorry for the late reply I flew abroad with the 150 quid that I saved this year not paying for the TV license and did not bother to check the Internet. Very well, you either work for BBC or for the tv license. either way: F**K OFF! I Could consider paying my Tv licence if it was called BBC subscription instead. When you buy a TV, instead of sending you a threatening letter and branding you a criminal. BBC should do something like that: Dear Mr. Me, We noticed that you have not paid for your annual Voluntary subscription for BBC. Probably you don't like watching old films and some overrated series that we keep producing. We are aware that the few good programs that we eventually showed you probably bought the dvds. If you really don't want to enjoy our services please let us know so we can send you our free BBC blocker( which makes more sense than lying about tv detectors that don't work), which will make your TV unable to receive BBC channels. You will still be able to watch all the other channels which are full of advertising and paid for their sponsors. However, still if you do want to watch our programs now and then you can do so on a pay per view basis. love, BBC
  • Irene H.
    A round of applause for your post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.
  • Chris
    The BBC many years ago, in order to get round the live broadcast rules on sports, recorded an event and broadcast it with about a 5 second delay. So using the same logic, as catchuptv is not a live stream, then no you don't need a TV licience
  • Viewer.
    When is none live tv live? ....when you say so.

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