TV to show Yodel throwing your packages around

yodel-UK-parcel We've shown you videos of Yodel delivery workers throwing parcels around before, and now, they're going to be on television doing it all over again.

The footage is going to show staff lobbing packages around, and launching parcels into warehouse cages with the kind of abandon you might see at a polite riot, rather than a warehouse that is supposed to be looking after things you've spent money on.

With Yodel serving huge amounts of customers, as they're used by Tesco, Amazon, and Argos, this will be worrying for a number of people.

Watch the trailer for the show, here.

As you can see, there's not much evidence of care with your purchases from those filmed in the clip. One undercover reporter has said that the parcels were being "flung at head height", and more.

Channel 4’s Dispatches, which will air tonight at 8pm, say that couriers are paid 60p per parcel, so it is little wonder that they want to deliver things as quickly as possible.

Yodel have said: "The allegations brought to our attention indicate some unacceptable practices that we are already addressing." Tune in for the show tonight to find out more.


  • Albi
    But every parcel company throws stuff around? That's why everything is covered in bubble wrap. Nothing to see here.
  • Peter T.
    As someone who sells things on eBay sometimes, I package items in such a way that presumes that the packages will be thrown around. Having worked in warehouses and the like, I know that people don't gently carry and place down every single parcel.
  • NIamh C.
    One Christmas when I was skint after getting made redundant, I worked in the Royal Mail sorting office in York. Parcels were handled in exactly the same fashion as in that clip. Yodel are shit, for sure, but let's not kid ourselves that the competition are any better.
  • Topcaty
    DHL ( Dropit, Hideit, Loseit ) are no better. The smallest and most fragile items are dropped into the cages first, followed by the heaviest parcels, vehicle engines and boxes of books etc.
  • Jessie J.
    Is this gonna be another non story like the "I had to walk nearly 5 miles in an 8 hour shift, picking at Amazon". Utter bollocks. Do it like a dude.
  • Cliff L.
    You think thats bad? Sneak a camera into Amazons shipping department, makes this lot look like heart surgeons!
  • Keith t.
    Shocking....Absolutely shocking, throwing parcels without wearing a hardhat!!

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