Tulisa faces Ofcom wrath for arm-vertising

Tulisa-Contostavlos-1011-9 She might be the heartthrob of the X Factor judging panel, but Tulisa could be in a bit of trouble with Ofcom, who might be looking to ban her trademark raised arm gesture which she deploys with aplomb at the beginning of each show.

That’s because the tattooed slogan she reveals, which reads ‘The Female Boss’, is also the name of her new perfume, and she could be seen to be illegally promoting it with the gesture, which is being copied by millions all over the nation. If it is banned, we’ll have to stick to making offensive hand gestures whenever Louis Walsh appears on screen instead.

In a similar outrage, complaints have been trickling into Ofcom after Rihanna wore shoes with swearwords on them during last night’s show. Well, at least we’re told she did – to be honest we weren’t really focusing on her shoes…


  • Terry
    She should do the Willie Carson "victory arms" instead!
  • corbyboy
    Does anybody else agree that it's a crap slogan anyway? I expect what she's trying to say is that she's the boss and she's a female, ie "I am a powerful woman and no man is the boss of me." But it comes across as "I am the boss of all the females."
  • Pizza A.
    Anyone remember the "I am the BOSS" fake Hugo Boss tracksuits that were out in the late 80's / early 90's.....?
  • Shooter M.
    Does she even sound like a higher pitched Bruce Springsteen?
  • John
    I'd use her shit for toothpaste.
  • heywood j.
    Dude !! Toothpaste is like 90p, seriously
  • The B.
    Do people above the age of 10 watch reality TV? Who knew?
  • Cheryl
    Is it just me but as the series goes on she is slowly morphing into Cheryl Cole ? Hair, makeup, dress... She must be doing a 'Hannibal' Lecter on Cheryl...
  • Dick
    Sack her or amputate. They are the only options.
  • Mike H.
    I tried 'cock-vertising' in front of Chav queen Tulisa once, it didn't go down well, I mean she was crap at sucking my cock, not that people took offence.
  • Sicknote
    Last week flamboyant Irishman Louis Walsh had a new arse hole ripped in him by Ofcom for trying to sell a caravan and three daags for five hundred quid. He later apologised for the silly mistake and finished by saying that he quite liked his arse being ripped.

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