Top ten outlandish TV licence excuses

At this time of year, saving a few pennies can be hard to do, so what some folks do is save themselves £145.50 a year by not paying for a TV licence.

Of course, there are legitimate ways to escape having to pay for a TV licence, like not watching live TV, but if you don’t pay and get caught, you could face a fine of up to £1000, which is far less pleasing on the pocket. So if you do get caught, delivering your very best line in excuses to the enforcement officer could be crucial.

Today, TV licensing has revealed the top ten excuses for not having a TV licence, which include dabbling with spirits on the other side, the tooth fairy, and actually being Jesus.

Pick your favourite from the list below:


Consultant Psychologist Kerry Daynes explains that people tell lies “usually to lubricate passage through our daily lives and often to make other people feel better.” She also muses that it is “interesting that the more outlandish excuses have been judged by the evader as more socially acceptable, and therefore less embarrassing than the truth,” conceding that some people may have come up with the most ridiculous thing they could think of to show contempt.

A BBC spokesman said “At just £2.80 a week per household the BBC provides excellent value for money. Low evasion rates are effectively saving each licence fee payer £15. It means that programmes like EastEnders, Strictly, Sherlock, Doctor Who and Match of the Day can be watched by everyone - not a select few. Public support for the licence fee has risen by 22% since 2004.”


  • LD
    Just a regurgitated P.R. release.
  • Hero
    Well Mr BBC spokesperson, I don't watch any of those nonsense shows (in my opinion), can I have some sort of discount?
  • VulvaRevolver
    Haha yes. The annual publishing of the 'funniest' TV license excuses. Let us mock these idiots and hope that everyone else opposed to the license fee also gets tarred with that same brush. You know what though TV Licensing? Some of those are valid excuses. You don't need a licence if you're not watching live broadcast TV. And good on the woman prioritising her cat's health over paying for the BBC. And maybe give the guy a break who has just lost his mum? Monsters. My excuse? I haven't paid my TV licence because I don't want to.
  • DrJogalog
    " delivering your very best line in excuses to the enforcement officer could be crucial." The best line is tell them to straight "fuck off and get off your property before you call the police". The only way you get 'caught', is by incriminating yourself. They have absolutely no rights to enter your property or otherwise. Its exactly the same as complete stranger knocking on your door. Capita, who 'enforce' tv licencing, really don't know their arse from their elbow. Proper bunch of tools, much like those at NPower.
  • Mr P.
    If they knock on your door get your phone out and record them and just tell them to identify them selves by asking "Who are you?" until they do and repeat even if they keep asking if you are the home owner/occupant. Once they have shown there ID confirming they are TV Licencing (Capita) tell them your not interested in buying anything today and shut the door, they can't do anything however it has been known that some try stopping the door from being closed if that happens call the police. If you want to fund a bias and corrupt private company that answers to no one and is riddle with pedofiles and has spent TV licence fee payers money on gagging people and outrageous expenses pay your TV Licence like a good little sheep.
  • Alexis
    Why are you regurgitating the annual Crapita press release? No mention of Crapita goons tricking people into signing confession forms on the doorstep in their propaganda I see.
  • kingly
    I would rather pay £7 a month for Netflix, where there are no adverts and the ability to choose when and what I watch whether it is 7am in the morning or 8pm at night.
  • name
    A hearty 'yes' to all of the above comments. This list says more about the BBC/Capita than it does about the 'evaders' it's mocking. Why the hell *shouldn't* someone prioritise their pet's health over funding Jeremy Clarkson's lifestyle? They really do hold us in contempt, don't they...

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