Tidal: already a massive flop

Tidal Remember the launch of Tidal, where Jay Z said that him and his pals were making history, by offering a slightly expensive music streaming service? Those were the days eh? Our generation's very own moon-landing moment.

Well, some of you cynics looked at the whole thing and wondered why on Earth you were supposed to feel sorry for a bunch of multimillionaires. The jaded were all 'what? Shut up, superstars! Stick to making records, alright?'

Initially, Tidal burst into the American iPhone top 20 download chart, which was expected. However, in the fortnight since then, it has dropped out of the top 700. To make matters worse, all this talk has seen an upswing for Tidal's rivals. Pandora and Spotify have seen a surge in customers.

In fact, since Tidal started tutting at Spotify, it reappeared in the iPad top 40 download chart for the first time in months. By attacking its rivals, Tidal has managed to give Spotify and Pandora a shot in the arm, increasing the public's awareness of the products. They weren't the only people profiting from all this - Beats Music has even seen an increase of people downloading their app.

Sadly for Tidal, they've shot their mouths off and made their competition even stronger, who have all ridden Tidal's momentum and are now looking stronger than they were last year.

So well done to all concerned at Tidal.

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  • simmobb2
    Tried it for a couple of months and was underwhelmed tbh. Hard to hear the difference between it and 320Kbs MP3 sites. (And yes, I do run a decent system - M2tech Hiface DAC into Graham Slee Solo into AKG Q701) No way is it worth double Spotify Premium price and how come it's $20.00 in the States and £20.00 here? Good luck with that Jay Z, who ever you are?

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