Tesco using Clubcard data to target TV ads at you

All that lovely data you've amassed every time you use your Clubcard is to be gathered up by Tesco and used to volley targeted advertisements at you, which is just what you wanted.

They'll be doing this via Clubcard TV, which launches today, which offers Clubcard members the chance to stream television and films, free of charge, with no subscription.

Basically, the trade-off is this: They use your data to target ads and you get free telly. Sound fair?

Scott Deutrom, managing director of Clubcard TV says: "We're launching Clubcard TV today so that we can reward our customers with hundreds of movies and TV shows for free."

"We have launched the service with Clubcard because it means we can know our customers better than anyone … By using Clubcard, we can look at what customers buy from us, what things they like, and then make an effort to target adverts that are more relevant to them. Better still, we can target adverts based on what our customers bought yesterday, we can show that we are listening to our customers in 'real' time."

So basically, Tesco are taking on services such as Netflix and LoveFilm, not to mention other retail channels such as Dixon's Knowhow Movies and Sainsbury's Entertainment. Tesco have already brokered deals with Warner Bros, Endemol and Aardman.

All you have to do is visit Clubcard TV, enter your 16-digit Clubcard number and details. With plans to get into games consoles, tablets and set top boxes, Tesco really are trying to take over the entire world.


  • shiftynifty
    Picture it now...fat lazy fuckers scoffing into their tesco industrial food watching tesco industrial TV...c`mon peeps, you can see where this is going...
  • Inspector G.
    Right, I'm going to get a second Clubcard, 1 for normal shopping, the other I'm going to only use for buying grot mags and this Clubcard TV. Bring on the Babestation adverts.
  • mikeypop
    Can't complain if it's "free" so I signed up...it's a real shame you can't complain because it is complete and utter arse - terrible selection of old stuff, most of which nobody heard of the first time around! Mumsy-milfy signs off the intro video saying that she is going to catch up with what's new - so I can only assume it was filmed sometime around 1998.
  • shiftynifty
    mikeypop....you mug
  • jim
    just signed up and had a look. man it sure is "straight to dvd" films in there lol
  • Mustapha S.
    Last few items I purchased were condoms, KY jelly and rubber gloves. I'm looking forward to see what adverts I receive.

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