TalkTalk’s Plus TV's prices are going up, but that means extra channels

TalkTalk If you've got, or are thinking about getting, TalkTalk's 'Plus TV' package, then you should know that the price of it is going up.

There'll be a £3 per month increase as standard, which means from April 5th, you'll be paying £18.50 every month, rather than £15.50.

However, with that, they'll be adding to their existing Sky channels. Plus TV subscribers will be able to watch seven more Sky stations, including Sky 1 and Sky Living as well as having on-demand access to shows from Sky Arts, as well as the aforementioned channels.

If you don't want those channels or to pay more, tough. This is the standard package.

In a statement the company said that they "continue to offer Britain’s best prices with TalkTalk homes saving up to £230 over 18 months in comparison to BT."

One thing TalkTalk have over BT is that BT don't carry Sky channels after they fell out with Murdoch's company over Premier League broadcasting rights.

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