TalkTalk roll out their YouView box to jaded customers

talktalk_youview_stb_launch_1 Another day, another YouView launch. A few days ago, BT announced that its long-term broadband customers would be able to claim a YouView box (with a fairly hefty installation fee chucked in) and now TalkTalk has followed suit, only hours after it was announced that it was top of the broadband complaints list yet again.

TalkTalk broadband customers can get the 320GB YouView box for free (subject to a £50 installation fee) as long as they sign up to a £14.50 per month telly package. As with the BT variation, the box will have Freeview channels (with some in HD) and give users access to catch-up services like BBC iPlayer and 4OD as well.

But there’s a twist. There’ll also be the option to subscribe to pay TV channels such as Sky – you can get their entertainment channels for an extra £5.00 ‘boost’ a month. Additionally, Sky Sports will be available for another £30 a month ‘boost’ and movies could be fired into your eyeballs if you hand over a £15 a month ‘boost’.

Are you a Talk Talk customer? Is that the kind of offer that makes you want to lick your lips in anticipation? Or can they bloody well go and stick it up their fundaments? Tell us. TELL US NOW!


  • Captain C.
    These articles suck.
  • Pedant
    As a Talk talk customer, they can stick their offer up their jacksy, What is wrong with offering a service using a foreign decoder system and telling Sky to go fuck themselves!
  • Louise
    I think the deal's pretty good, works out about £24 a month for unlimited calls/internet and TV (and a year's LoveFilm). Of course, their customer service is still pants...but you can't have everything. I've been with TT about 4 years now.
  • LancerVancer
    What broadband is it? If its anything like BT standard BB they can fuck themselves anyway. Virgin 120 you can download the entire web in about 10 mins!!
  • Mr P.
    Free Youview box. Yay. (stifles yawn)
  • Ahsoo
    Why do you need Youview box? All the VoD services are available on SMART TVs the only thing that is lacking is PVR function.
  • Penny
    Well that is poor compensation given that I have been paying for the TV service for 3 months and they have lost all 4OD options, so the only 'on demand' elements is awful American drivel. I wrote and enquired about the 'new' TV box and they basically told me I would have to wait till they got round to it but if I wanted to go on the order list then I would loose my current tv coverage!!! Go customer service. I would change tomorrow if I didn't think it would be even more hassle!
  • john r.
    i recently upgraded to talktalk plus tv with free youview, now here is my problem.. i activated the sky movies boost with the sports boost £30 for both, BUT here is the catch.. they charge part month for the boosts so its worked out near £50 because of the part month charge because i have to pay the part month and pay the full month, when challenged about this via email, phone and live online they all cut me off, im looking into going to sky or virgin again and the service here is crap, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR

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