Super Retro Trio lets you play SNES, NES and Mega Drive all under one roof

5 February 2014

Time to pull your old console games out of the box and blow in the slots because there's a new console which can play all your old games! The Super Retro Trio is the all-in-one system that lets you play your old SNES, NES and Mega Drive cartridges.

It will be out in North America in March and will cost you around $70, which is a bit of steal really.

super trio

What is nice about this system is that you'll be able to play all your old games on your telly. Simulators online or on your phone are all well and good, but it isn't nearly as fun as playing them while sat on the couch stuff your face with Wotsits.

You can also get a thing called a Super Retro Adapter, which lets you play Game Boy Advance cartridges too. You can also play Japanese and American import games as well, thanks to a switch on the front of the console which enables you to go from NTSC to PAL.

Can't wait to get stuck into European Club Soccer (complete with 'Three Shredded Wheat' cheat).

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  • Gherkin M.
    Never mind playing games, get that Trolley shifted!
  • Trolley B.
    Fuck you trolley

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