Summer of sport - save money by watching it in the pub

Summer of sport in the pub

If you're a sports fan, this summer is an absolute treat. There's the imminent Euro 2016 tournament, as well as Wimbledon, the Olympics in Rio, the Tour de France, formula one, cricket, the Open, and more.

If you hate sport, then you're going to be playing with your phone a lot, and tutting under your breath.

With all this sport to watch, and so many channels to watch it on - some of which require a subscription - the money you spend on televised sport can tot up.

Don't worry though, because we've got some great news for you - the cheapest way to watch sport on TV is to go to the pub! That's right - by going to the pub a lot, you'll actually be saving money.

Of a fashion. Don't take this away from us.

Two studies have looked at the costs incurred when it comes to watching sporting tournaments on TV. Freesat's research shows that 1-in-4 people who pay for a sports channel only watch one hour or less of televised sports in an average week.

So, if you're spending £27.50 a month for a Sky Sports Bundle, that equates nearly £7 an hour to watch sports. If you're watching the football, you'd need to spend £12.25 on drinks before you end up spending more money in the pub, than paying for a TV package.

Seeing as Sky TV, BT Sport, and Virgin Media are all increasing their sports packages this summer, it makes perfect sense to go and be sociable while shouting at a projector screen.

Of course, throwing your wages at the local's till isn't going to actively save you money all summer, especially if you've already got Sky at home, and of course, there's a load of sport on TV that's free-to-air.

However, there's still a way of getting yourself down the pub and saving money, if you adopt the approach of going to the pub when events are shown on paid-for-TV.

Cheapest Ways To Watch Sports This Summer

Most of the big sporting events are on free channels, so stay at home, buy in your snacks and drink, and settle down on the sofa. That's the smart way of watching the big events this summer.

If you need to see something that is tucked away on a subscription channel, then one thing worth looking at is a combination of the Eurosport Player and Now TV.

Through Now TV, you can get all the Sky Sports channels for £6.99 a day (or, £31.99 a month if you prefer) and there's no contract, which means you only have to buy for the days/months you need.

If you want to get the Eurosport Player, that'll cost you £6.99 a month, where you get all the non-Wimbledon tennis tournaments, and all three cycling Grand Tours, and more. If you don't like cycling and tennis, then don't bother, obviously.

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