Streaming movies coming to YouTube?

YouTube could soon grow up and start making some serious cash – they’re rumoured to be on the brink of launching a paid-for movie-streaming service. The New York Times are reporting that the Google-owned video site is in negotiations with major Hollywood studios over implementing the service.

In the US, it would put them in direct competition with Netflix, Amazon and Apple, all of whom already offer paid-for streaming content, but if YouTube launch the service in the UK they’d more or less have the market to themselves. Over here, Lovefilm have a beta ‘Watch Online’ facility but it is small and crappy.

Elsewhere, YouTube have finally reached a financial agreement with the music industry over royalty rates and thousands of pop videos should be reappearing on the site six months after they were pulled in a big huff.

Would you hand over your hard-earned to watch a film on YouTube or does the idea of it make your skin crawl? Will you be glad to see the official video for Wind Of Change by Scorpions back on YouTube? We need to know. We really, really need to know.


  • deejayone
    This has been rumoured for a few weeks now - YouTube even streamed the full original Ghostbusters movie for a trial period in the US recently and it was thought that was a trial for a full movie-streaming service. Would be interesting, but bets are on that it'll be a US-exclusive service for some time before reaching these shores (the Ghostbusters trial was blocked to IP addresses outside the states), as are most things concerning the launch of such 'products'. It's a good way for Google to properly monitise YouTube though.
  • Jeffrey A.
    Why bother? Newsgroups ftw.
  • Lumoruk
    Jeff - cause the copyright owners take a cut and can make another ghost busters, not that I've bought a DVD in over a year
  • dave
    Youtube already stream full length movies for free. Granted they're not blockbusters but they're not blockbusters but there are some interesting flicks. The biggest film currently on there is Super Size Me.
  • -+=Mike H.
    I wish they hadn't bothered with GB2 Lumour
  • ball_sack
    dave you gimp
  • Calvin B.
    Would be interesting but I guess it depends on how good will the movies be, I mean quality and cost and so on. Meanwhile I prefer to keep my options open and get what i wanna watch from good sources.
  • Movies S.
    Awesome! We were looking for this anywhere!

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