Stop it Lucas - just stop it...

Do we REALLY need more Star Wars merchandising? Of course not. Especially not if it's a range of skin-tight dresses and swimwear...

No, we definitely don't need that kind of thing. Disgusting


  • Han S.
    She can feel my force
  • Angry S.
    Is that Arsse-2-DP?
  • Idi A.
    Is her head really that shape?
  • zeddy
    She appears to have an inflammed nipple. Bags I get to put some "cream" on it...
  • Daft V.
    I wonder if she wants to hold my light sabre? snigger snigger
  • wow
    She's got both feet in one shoe.
  • nick
    stop it disney
  • Pegg
    Some awful photoshop skinnying going on here...
  • bob
    Looking at her...Gives me a tingle in the 'jabbas'
  • Bus W.
    I'd shove my lightsaber up her dark side......And by that I mean I would have consensual anal intercourse with her.
  • Obi-Wan
    @Bus Wanker - that's a great line!!! "These are not the droids you are looking for....... You will consensually take my lightsaber up your dark side......"
  • Mike O.
    Would Star Wars characters refer to their little general as a light sabre though? My money's on Spam Sabre
  • Han S.
    Nobody seems to have mentioned the two strategically placed flaps over her, um flaps
  • Wongaporkpies
    Does she run on the Android operating system ?

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