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24 January 2014

google-glass The ongoing lurch into new ways to be a twat with technology continues apace, with news that a man was detained and questioned in Ohio after wearing Google Glass in a cinema.

It would seem this chap (who is, unusually, remaining anonymous) was hassled by the cinema staff and police, who thought he was surreptitiously recording the film. Whereas he’d actually had prescription lenses fitted into his new overlord technology and seemingly had it stapled to his head.

Ideally if you’re one of those people who are so incredibly important that you go to see a film with the internet on your face, then it’s fair do’s. Bearing in mind that Google Glass allows users to use it by voice command, it seems that even wearing a pair in a cinema would be daft. Even as the man, and his equally anonymous wife, were watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. There isn’t a command or the technology to ask Google Glass to stop a film being unwatchable. Yet.

AMC employees rather clumsily called the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), who then called homeland security instead of just turfing the man out. The man was held for an hour as the possible crime was looked into.

It all ended happily enough however, when after being beaten and waterboarded (joke), the man offered to connect his glasses to a laptop and prove he wasn’t a thief. He’s been given four free passes to the AMC cinema chain, although the tinge of the staff not actually apologising for the kerfuffle has only angered the man further. That's what you get for not getting films from a torrent and watching them at home.

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