Spotify's plans to take over your heart

21 January 2014

spotify-logo Spotify has plans on measuring your heart rate and motion to select the ideal soundtrack to whatever you’re doing. You heard.

According to The Guardian, Spotify, using sensors on the listener’s body or in their smartphone, will turn that into appropriate music. If things progress, there are plans afoot to even start monitoring your patterns and mood.

It’s all a tad mental and a slide into a too much information-style future, where Spotify will be able to detect that Swans’ The Seer may not be quite the thing to work out to, and will offer tunes they feel more suited to it.

Will they, like most humans, be able to detect that Licensed To Ill will help you run ten miles on a treadmill (albeit never being able to walk again afterwards)? Bitterwallet thinks not.

The Guardian goes on to claim that Spotify might – somewhat creepily - “automatically generate playlists based on activities such as workouts, driving, sleeping or late-night working, without user interaction.” And no doubt chalk up another tiny cheque for the artist as a bonus.



  • Pedant
    "its plans" Now back to correcting all the grammar on the entire internet. I may be some time.
  • badger
    Ian, you're going to fit in splendidly.
  • Kevin
    Spotify? Is that still going?
  • Gerkhin M.
  • Red M.
    I fucking love Ian already

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