Sky's on-demand movie service Now TV launches

NOW-TV-iPad-Home-s_2277765b It’s been a while since we’ve had a story about Sky here on Bitterwallet – 2007 maybe? Maybe not.

Anyway, their new view-on-demand offering, Now TV, is launching on Tuesday, going up against Lovefilm and Netflix. You’ll be able to get it for PC, Mac and Android from then, with iOS, YouView, PS3 and Xbox availability promised later in the year.

Subscription will cost £15 per month (with a 30-day free trial available initially) and Sky say that for that you’ll get access to over 600 movies, including new releases and classics, with up to five new, exclusive Sky Movie premieres each Friday. One-off payments will also be available for consumers of the service, with individual films available for a fee of between 99p and £3.49.

Sky have blabbed that sports and entertainment channels will also be available through Now TV in the not-too-distant future, although weirdly, none of it will be offered in HD, for now anyway.


  • John
    No HD that's crazy, if they wanna compete they have to have HD and 5.1
  • Spencer
    Also... much too expensive. A newsbin sub will set you back half this amount... to have access to just about any film ever made... even popular 80's family comedy 'howard the duck'...
  • Howard D.
    Yeah I know I've not worked since, but keep me out of it.
  • cookie
    £15 a month! lol.
  • Mark W.
    I hope each movie comes with at least ten minutes of adverts, to justify the price and to satisfy expectations of Sky customers.

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