Sky versus Apple

sky BSkyB are going after the Apple iTunes Store (other services are available too, pedants) with a new service which allows you to download and keep films called 'Buy and Keep'. There's a name that took the branding team all of ten minutes to come up with.

It would've been funnier if they'd called it the SkyTunes Store or SkyPlayer.

With an imminent release, Buy and Keep will sit alongside the existing pay-per-view Sky Store rental service.

Andrew Griffith, BSkyB's chief financial officer says this new service will target families with existing Sky subs who previously bought DVDs, but found the whole 'going to the shops' a pain in the hole.

"Having made a strong start in rentals, we think we can go one step further and actually start offering customers the opportunity to purchase movies from us and keep them forever," Griffith said. "We think we are extremely well positioned to enter the market and take share."

Apparently, Buy and Keep will "have all the flexibility and the convenience of a digital store but all delivered to your TV set with instant access through the touch of a button the Sky remote".

There's no pricing available yet.

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  • People P.
    "forever*" * - as long as you keep paying sky every month

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