Sky+ updates will keep you on the sofa FOREVER

sky Sky have been tinkering with the whole Sky+ thing, and have started doling out the next-gen Sky Q box to some customers. They've been keeping the system updated, and as of this week, there's going to be a host of new features to be enjoyed.

If you're a fan of the Box Set feature, you'll now get the option to 'Download All', which means you can easily get all the episodes of a show in one felled swoop, and straight into your planner. Toward the end of any potentially massive TV sesh, you'll then get a prompt that says 'Watch Next', like on Netflix.

Perfect for all you lazy bums out there.

"We’re introducing even more features that reflect the changing TV habits of our customers," said Michele Swaine, Director of Product Development.

"Up to 95% of viewing of dramas, for example, can take place after the episode is shown live as people increasingly choose to enjoy shows on demand. We’re committed to giving customers the choice of how they enjoy the shows they love whether that’s live TV or moving from episode to episode of your favourite box set."

There's also going to be better suggestions and search abilities, as well as a thing where it'll tell you when certain films will be vanishing from the service, giving you one last chance to watch them.

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