Sky to bring 3D TV to the living rooms of rich fools


Not content with blasting 3D Premier League football into our faces in selected pubs earlier in the year, Sky are going the whole hog and launching a specialist 3D channel later in the year, October 1st to be precise.

Details of programming schedules are somewhere between sketchy and non-existent at the moment, but the aforementioned Premier League, the Ryder Cup, Monsters vs Aliens and Harry Potter And The Something Or Other are among the three-dimensional visual delights lined up. No doubt subscribers will be forced to peel at least another tenner from their thinning cash-bundles in order to see this miraculous content.

Elsewhere, in Sky-related news for people who have a brain, the Murdochian broadcasting overlords have snaffled up the complete catalogue of renowned US cable broadcaster HBO.

The deal will bring new HBO shows to Sky as well as classics such as The Sopranos, The Wire, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Six Feet Under. We wouldn’t be surprised to see that lot eventually snuck away behind some kind of paywall as well. Harrumph.


  • coversnail
    Who really thinks that 3d is brilliant though? I can't comment as I'm part of the approx 12% of the country who can't see 3d. Saves me the hassle of having to buy a ridiculously expensive tv though.
  • the f.
    gammy eye?
  • Ben
    the HBO deal will be a big part of "Sky Anytime PLUS" which will no doubt be at least £10 a month more than the free version. Also, The Pacific was a ten part miniseries that Sky bought from HBO. They then stuck it on the movie channels to make people pay extra to see it. Which is like buying the TV times, only to find it full of colouring in pictures, and a note saying that the listings will cost you an extra fiver, and delivered via a fist to the face. Or something.
  • PaulH
    I had pink eye the other day...
  • jason
    I had a brown eye the other day...
  • bawbag
    I wish real-life was in 3d :-(
  • Rubisco
    I would love a 3D telly. Unfortunately the technology doesn't exist yet. All we have is this rubbish stereoscopic crap masquerading as 3D. A cheap parlour trick that's bad for your eyes.
  • blarg
    so, yeah. sky 3D channel is no extra cost if you already have all the sky HD services
  • Ben
    that's right, it's free. Provided you already pay £60 a month for TV. OMG DEAL LOLZ
  • Late
    Silly idea, putting a pic in your article if it's got "advert" in it's file name. Half your readers will likely get a caption with no pic, due to ad blockers...
  • -]
    Not the first time it has happened - there have been times when the word "banner" has been in image filenames, obviously blocked by ad-blockers.
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  • Rubisco
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