Sky throws money at Premier League - but will it rinse you?

football Sky have again, got the rights to most of the Premier League action that'll be taking place and they've thrown a frankly dizzying amount of money at it.

They'll be showing 168 live matches a year in a deal that  as part of the £5bn deal that totals £5.136bn.‏ Back in 1992, broadcasters were paying £663,000 per game. Now they're paying £1,887 per second, so you can see how much football means to broadcasters with the ever increasing hikes.

However, while this is all very impressive/sickening [delete as applicable], the main concern for us is how much this is going to affect those who want to buy a Sky subscription.

Firstly, if Sky are throwing all that money at football, there's a chance you've had it if you're getting a subscription for dramas and movies, as they might have to cut back on those to get the money back from the football. However, this is such a large amount of money, that cutting costs probably won't recoup the cash.

So the only real option is to raise prices.

You know the money is getting silly when Premier League chief exec, Richard Scudamore, finds himself being surprised at how much money is coming their way. He said: "I continue to be surprised by every TV deal because of the numbers... but then you look at who’s at play here. [BT and Sky are] both successful companies."

So while Sky are coughing up billions, BT bagged themselves 42 matches for £320million a season.

While BT offer their football as an add-on bonus for those who sign-up to use their broadband, Sky attract viewers with the lure of football. Sky subscribers who get the full package pay upward of £800 a year, which could well increase over the next couple of years to somewhere around the £900 mark.

Sky boss Jeremy Darroch is certain that this can all be balanced out, saying: "We have a clear plan to absorb the cost of the new Premier League deal while delivering our financial plans. This is a good result and confirms that Sky is the unrivalled choice for sports fans. We are pleased to have secured the rights that we wanted."



  • bugger y.
    So glad I don't have Sky. Every Sky subscribers costs will be SKYrocketing over the next few years!
  • Waynes W.
    So pleased that I watch every game free on a dodgy stream. Haven't missed a game in years, including Saturday 3pm kick offs, and for every site the Premier League shut down another 2 start up. Unless and until someone does a pay per game on the net that's the way it will stay.
  • Father J.
    Sky (and BT) can stick it up their arse. It's cheaper for me to fly to Germany and watch a live Bundesliga match than subscribe to their shit, so that's what I do.

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