Sky rival iPlayer with downloadable new Sky Go Extra

Sky have added another service to their, erm service, with the arrival of Sky Go Extra, allowing users to download their subscription content in a kind of iPlayer style. But wait! It’ll cost a fiver a month, which puts it in the same ballpark as the likes of Lovefilm and Netflix, and is probably how they got the idea.

Having said that, for a limited time, a 2-month free trial will be available before the £5 a month charge kicks in and there’s no annual contract involved.

An expansion of the Sky Go service, it’ll allow up to four users to download movies and TV and store them for a month on the compatible device of their choosing (mobiles, laptops, some tablets). Exclusive content such as the highly-rated HBO series Girls and the entire collection of James Bond films will be part of the downloadable offering.

So in a nutshell, you’ll be able to download your favourite Sky shows and movies and watch them on the bus or in the bath at your leisure. Just don’t get excited and splash water in your special device.


  • Sawyer
    Hardly the same ballpark as Netflix and Lovefilm, as you can use both of those without a Sky subscription.
  • Shadow
    Exactly... so this post is completely useless to a lot of people. Bitterwallet you made it sound a lot better than it really is.. poor show
  • zeddy
    Poor article, for the reasons given above.
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    Sky also used to let you do this for free. Just a filler article here, folks.
  • Chewbacca
    So, if what goldduck above says is true then this article should be about Sky charging for something that should be free.... Nice one, bw. Oh, and fuck your pathetic moderation queue up your massive pus-filled anus.
  • Reser
    Well apparently it is going to be more like NowTV but for sky subscribers, and will allow you to download to watch offline which Netflix and Lovefilm do not allow. Would be pretty useful to download a few movies before a trip and watch them on the journey without needing wifi or good 3g coverage/package.
  • Seymour
    Why the hell would I need a sky subscription if I could just use their sky go service? Lovefilm and Netflix are useless as well with their shitty catlogues and "exclusive agreements" with publishers. No wonder people pirate shit instead of having to pay 5 - 10 different subscriptions to companies just to access content they want to watch.
  • mikeypop
    Rivals iPlayer - apart from the free bit... ...the new update allowing all this seemed to break the live TV bit on my iPad app too - good stuff.
  • Liam
    I can guarantee that this service wont allow you to save to a Micro SD card rendering most phones useless for the service.
  • Lord F.
    Given that the SkyGo and 4OD apps for the iPad both block video output to a tv for instance you can be pretty sure there'll be restrictions galore on this, Murdoch didn't become famous for his philanthropy after all!
  • Nick
    Got to love Sky. I pay them £80 all in for content, broadband and phone, but even though I've already paid through the nose for that content, if I want to watch it out of the house on my i-pad touch it's an extra fiver a month. Want a slightly crisper picture? That'll be an extra tenner a month. They're bandits, and I'm rather close to sacking the whole thing off.
  • Chris
    How does sky go rival the bbc iplayer at all? They provide different services and content!
  • Lord F.
    @Chris I'm guessing you're new here
  • boring b.
    Can you get Top Gear?
  • Marly m.
    I got rid of sky a year ago and have no desire to ever get it back. In fact I went 'the whole hog' and got rid of my tv licence too. The kids watch cbeebies on iplayer, the mrs watches the soaps on iplayer and the itv app, i watch random stuff on youtube, i've just been watching s1 of the apprentice over again, and shark tank which is the US version of dragons den (basically they offer each person the money they are after for 99% of their company.... Bloody yanks.) we also have the £16 for 6 months lovefilm deal from black friday on the go, so have loads to watch. I wouldnt mind watching 'Got to Dance' as that was always a guilty pleasure but i'm sure i can do without seeing Kimberley Wyatt's cleavage until someone uploads the eps to youtube.
  • Sicknote
    Worst customer service in the world has Sky; 45 minutes the other night on the phone to Bangalor before I snapped and closed my account.
  • Mary H.
    @sicknote agree 100%, sold me a package deal, with sky broadband at a fiver a month, i signed up and cancelled virgin, rang sky to set up my broadband only to be told we are too far away from the exchange and it will cost you £17.50 a month. Absolutely fucking useless.
  • Director G.
    @Marly Marl I'll have you know young sir that you need a TV licence to view our content no matter what device you're using. You think just cos you're not actually using a TV, you think you can deprive us of our much needed funds? Think again, young man, think again. TV/ Content Detector vans on their way to your area.

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