Sky recruit BBC and ITV to Anytime+

Bitterwallet - Sky logo Sky have announced some additions to their video-on-demand service, Sky Anytime+, which will be rolled out to subscribers over the next few months. The broadcasting monster has agreed deals with the BBC and ITV and will carry content from them as part of its Anytime+ line up. Some ITV shows should be available from tomorrow with more to follow later in the year, while the BBC content will appear in a few months time.

As well as that, Anytime+ is going to become available to all Sky+HD homes that have an internet connection, as opposed to just those with Sky Broadband. An important Sky person released a statement with words in it – words such as ‘control’, ‘strong’ and ‘demand’ so that we can be sure of how impressive this all is. Thanks Sky!


  • Mike H.
    And will the BBC be providing license payers with a rebate or reduced fee? WILL THEY FUCK! They'll just give us another season of Dowturn 'fucking' Abbey! Only the BMW/Audi driving chavs will benefit with their bohemoth, monster fuck-off, maxi-channel package. iPhone owning cunts. In other news, Mike Hock, Bitterwallet reader, commentor and all round great guy, punches puppy saved from well, in face.
  • CJ
    Downton is on ITV.
  • Gunn
    About time they caught up with Virgin on demand
  • Marky M.
    Shame on you, Andy. Those words were taken out of context from the original unedited press release, which possibly said: "Sky is all about us needing to control your spare cash. If you watch something, anything, we want to track it so we can charge you. If you're a customer we'll strong-arm you into paying more, and if you're stupid enough to lose your job in the first year of your contract we'll send one final demand after another and phone you every day. Get used to it, losers."
  • Monstermunch
    What exactly does the BBC do with its £3.5 Billion income per year?? - Oh yes gardening & bloody cooking programs & endless repeats
  • Kevin
    @Monstermunch. 24hr tv on a variety of channels, BBC Radio all over the country 24 hours a day. Live news programming, iPlayer, all their websites. A hell of a lot actually! Prove you listen or watch NONE of it, then you can moan. £145.50 = 39p a day. Utter Bargain!
  • Frank P.
    I don't like John Craven very much. He was great on Newsround though.
  • Mike
    I'm sitting here typing on my new macbook air, whilst also have a brief phone call on my iPhone... all the time wondering what to watch and what to record on my sky +HD full package later. I can't wait for iPlayer + ITV... Life is great. Whats amusing is that I'm not even joking, Laugh Out Loud! Oh and the new F1 channel launches in March!
  • R T.
    "And will the BBC be providing license payers with a rebate or reduced fee?" A rebate or reduced fee for what? The BBC already has to pay Sky to let it broadcast BBC programs - some 40% of what is watched on Sky.

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