Sky readying pay-as-you-go content streaming

Bitterwallet - Sky logo Another day sees another development from Sky, who are getting the hang of this online lark and are keen to share their wares with more of us punters in different ways. Following the lead of LoveFilm and Netflix, the Murdoch-flavoured broadcaster is set to launch its own online pay-as-you-go service, with its movie and TV content being made available to non-subscribers of its satellite packages.

It’ll all kick off later in the year with Sky Movies available first, followed by sport and entertainment content following hot on its heels. Sky have said that various options will be available once the service kicks off, with the chance to rent single films being on the agenda. Additionally, Sky Go is set to finally arrive on Android-powered smartphones from next month.

Sky are also looking to beef up their broadband service, with a faster connection option and the inclusion of free access to 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots courtesy of The Cloud, which Sky snaffled up last year. They’ll also be offering fibre broadband to around 30% of the nation from April, with speeds of up to 40 meg for an extra £20 per month.

Are you a LoveFilm subscriber or Netflix early-adopter? How likely would you be to hop over to Sky’s service once it launches? Tell us you pig-dogs.


  • Dick
    I'm on of those people who refuse to pay for the BBC, so don't have a TV licence. If they made some of their live sport available online for a fee (ie. online streaming rather than live TV broadcast), I might be willing to pay for it. Although for me to pay, it would have to be better quality than the slightly dodgy websites you can currently get live streams through.
  • Superman
    I just want to be able to watch the F1 without having to pay a bucketload of money to sky for all there other crap. They should sell an online pass for it at like £5 a month or something like that.
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    Dick, I suspect you already know this but if you watch live broadcasts online you are breaking the law by not paying for a TV License.
  • Shaniaa
    haaa! TV licenses are 4 idiots, just hide yet tv in yet cupboard, naebody wil ken!
  • scottish s.
    @Shaniaa Your way of speaking offends my eyes!
  • redmist
    What, and give money to Murdoch? Very happy with Freeview, LoveFILM, the cinema and my DVD collection here - might consider Netflix once (if?) it becomes available on my Sony TV.
  • callum
    Though technically of course, LoveFILM, Netflix, the cinema and the source of your DVDs (unless you are boycotting Fox?) all give money to Murdoch.
  • Frank P.
    Yes, he's worth a fortune now and come along way since his A-Team days. Jammy twat.
  • redmist
    @callum: True, true, but then I don't fancy not watching films or TV altogether, and even if I did I imagine a small proportion of my cash would end up with one of his companies. It's enough for me to not be a name on his customer list somewhere! @Frank: that was the best comment on this thread by far!
  • Shaniaa
    @scottish people suck go hae some tea n Scones ye wee smelly weegie.
  • Mike H.
    Recession really kicking in then?
  • Dick
    @PlatinumPlatypus Yes I know. That is why I said it would have to be online streaming separate from (live) TV broadcasting. They could modify the program somehow (maybe no commentary in the case of sports), so the online streaming is different to the broadcast TV. That way, no TV license would be needed to stay legal.
  • moss
    why on earth would a broadcasting company pay for and spend time modifying a broadcast, provide it as an option to stream, and manage providing at a different time to live, just so you can watch it for free?

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